Outcome Architecture

This model is ideal for anyone attempting to create personal or business success. It does not matter precisely what you are trying to achieve, it could be in the workplace, your personal life or meeting your fitness, health and training goals – Winners know that dreams CAN become a reality when you create well defined outcomes. It all begins with successful thinking.

This workout provides you with some simple, easy to implement tools for creating success.



Have you ever wondered why so many people never really achieve the personal goals we set ourselves? Why we often never fulfill our full potential? Despite best intentions, desires, dreams and often no little effort, people fall short and end up deflated by the experience.

Have you yourself ever looked on successful individuals and found yourself mulling over words and phrases like ‘luck’ and ‘in the right place at the right time’? Frustrating isn’t it? One of the main attributes that defines winners over the Average Joe falling short of their hopes, goals and targets, is outcome based thinking. They know precisely what they want and they structure their mind accordingly to focus on attaining their dream and creating that reality.

I’ll explain using a metaphor we can all relate to in some way – building a home. If you embarked on building your dream house you’d have to consider the following elements very closely: Financial Budget, ideal location, size, look and feel of the design, specific requirements, equipment required and support needed. Every aspect here would be checked out and considered forensically before the project in undertaken. Not to do so is likely to lead to untold disaster.

So, why then do so many carry an idealistic view of themselves and then fail to construct a proper process to create that in reality? It might not be the bricks and mortar, of the house analogy, but the principles are the same and it is far far cheaper too! The truth is that we simply fail to invest any proper time in working on the most important project in our lives – ourselves!

In order to achieve greatness we need to become the architects of our own destiny.

Outcome Architecture critically provides the clarity and direction that allows you to move forwards towards your goal. It ensures you:

– Think through what you want,

– Establishes where you want to be,

– Creates a clear visual of your success and…

– Makes sure you enjoy not just thinking about the goal but also the process and journey itself. Our matrix provides you with three classic models of goal setting plus a number of NLP concepts to help support your dream planning.

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Model 1: SMART

*  Specific: What do you want? Why do you want it? What will change when you get it?

*  Measurable: How can you break it down into smaller measurable chunks and what will they look like? What would be good mini measures of success?

*  Actions: What specific actions will you take to make this outcome happen? Match them to the aforementioned mini measures.

*  Relevance: How does your outcome relate to everything? What will the impact be? How is it relevant to you and others in your life?

*  Timely: Put deadlines next to all the planned mini measures and actions. Be honest and set yourself challenges.

Model 2: PURE

*  A Positive Statement: This will motivate the mind much better than any negative representations. It is worth knowing that the human mind cannot directly interpret a negative representation, but in fact creates the representation first in the mind and then tries to negate it. A good example of this is – if a child is instructed, “Don’t play with the dog”, that child will first try to understand the meaning of playing with the dog. Write your outcome out in positive terms.

*  Understood: Make a list of everything you need to consider and understand in order to make this outcome a reality. Just the process of making this list might cause you to redefine certain aspects.

*  Resources: In order to achieve the outcome, we will need a certain set of resources. These can be both internal (states of mind / self-talk) and external resources (funds / equipment). Any outcome model will include all the necessary resources in order for you to take action and achieve the desired result. If we set a goal, but are unable to imagine ourselves achieving it, that indicates lack of proper resources. Building the necessary resources is therefore vital for achieving the final objective. What resources do you need to make his happen?

*  Ethical: Is your outcome actually congruent with your world? Does it actually have moralistic value? If not – change it!

Model 3: CLEAR

*  Challenging: Don’t make it easy. Nothing of any true value is simple to achieve. Push yourself and make yourself proud! The feeling of achievement will be immeasurable. How can you make it challenging?

*  Love it! Make it valuable in every sense. Why is it the only option? How can you ensure that it means everything?

*  Evil Thoughts: What could you do to sabotage everything? How do you need to be to fail? This is important as it processes out any negative thoughts. Agreed: Get your team together.

*  Agree with key people who are involved IN what you are doing and what are their roles? Gain commitment.

*  Recorded: Enjoying the experience because the journey is all part of the process. Record important learning points and secondary gains.

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