Hey there beautiful people, Tony Robbins, motivational speaker says, “There are no failures, just results“.

This to me says, whatever you do in life, you do not fail, you simply get the results that you asked for. But wait, “I wanted to lose 20 lbs in 3 months and I only lost 7 lbs. I didn’t accomplish my goal. That’s a failure”.

I say, it is NOT a failure.


I just means you’re not there yet. You still got results. Just not the results you wanted.

However, did you put in the necessary effort?

Are you planning your day/week, setting goals, are you exercising 4-5 days a week, are you eating healthy 80% of the time, getting the right nutrients in your body as to help balance your hormones, decrease inflammation and acidity levels, are you meditating, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, breathing properly..?

If you are not doing these things, you need to change your approach

Change your approach and the results of your efforts will follow. So, whether you reach your goal or not, you still get results.

The hard part to swallow is, we only get the exact results we think about daily and work towards daily without compromise.

Everyone is talking about goals at this time of year and I know I probably sound like a broken record talking about goals, but guess what? I’m not going to stop.

Everything good that has ever happened began with a thought, a goal, a vision

Sit down and think about your goal.

Once you have decided on what your goal is going to be… Put a deadline on it

When you have done that, write your goal(s) on a flash card or post it and put that goal up in several places where you will see it regularly.

success and failure_2On the mirror that you look in every morning, on your dashboard in your car, on the door of your office or in your wallet or purse.

Then, share that goal with an individual that you trust or publicly

Your choice.

The goal here is for find someone to hold you accountable and to encourage you when times get hard. Those times when you want to quit. If you don’t want to share them for fear of ridicule, that’s perfectly OK, given you actually have them written down.

If you don’t have goals, you have some thinking to do

By seeing your goal multiple times daily, it will be implanted in your subconscious like it has already happened. That is great thing about reality and your imagination.

The brain does not know the difference.

By implanting your goal in your subconscious, every time you say “I don’t feel like training today” or “I’d love a couple of donuts” your goal will creep into your conscious mind and remind you why you should go train and refrain from the donuts.

This may seem like silliness to some but, believe me, it works. Look up Jack Canfield, Les Brown or Bob Proctor and the Law of Attraction and you’ll see it is a widely used practice that most successful people use, knowingly or unknowingly.

Let’s get you the results you want and make 2016 our best yet. If you need help setting goals, please contact me.

Your Trainer,

Irish Mike

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