What you believe and perceive will create you – “As a man thinks so is he”. This will be your experience whether it is good or bad. Earl Nightingale said, “You become what you think of most of the time”. It may not be the truth but it will be your reality.

If your thoughts are negative you will always focus on the negative. Finding problems instead of looking for solutions, and the negative thoughts affect how you see the world and your assumptions about what is happening to you. This creates a victim mentality as you always think things are happening to you.

When your thoughts are positive, you will always focus on what is going right, you take control of your thoughts which is empowering. You create how you think and feel. This is very simple, it may not be easy and it may require some work and commitment but I promise you it is worth it.


Something to try…

Try this quick and simple experiment : say “I am sad” out loud five times and then say “I am happy” out loud five times, just trust me and try this out and see how you feel, do you understand why what you say and think matters?

“The most important decision you will ever make is whether or not we believe this universe is friendly or hostile”
Albert Einstein

The thoughts you have about your life and your world become your reality.

Physical changes happen due to what is happening in your mind. I am not saying that you can sit back and just think about it and not take action, but your thoughts and your beliefs create the environment to enable you to take inspired action to achieve your dreams.

Your sub-conscious affects your assumptions about the world and what you can and cannot do and this has been “programmed” throughout your life.


Don’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

For example: if you keep telling yourself that you are sick and tired, you will always be sick and tired. One of the most exciting things I discovered is that a belief is just a thought that you think over and over and over again – it is not necessarily true; it is just something that is formed via repetition.

We can simply change our beliefs which I think is very exciting!

Our brain is a very efficient computer and they assess and filter information, then either accept or reject this information based on our previous experiences. Once the information is accepted it becomes a belief and then once it becomes a belief it is stored the same way a computer stores a program.

Did you ever believe something as a child and then grew up to find it wasn’t true? We were told things like if you pulled a funny face and the wind changed your face would stay that way … Now I know this is a funny belief and possibly something you may have questioned, but when we are told things repeatedly by people who are older than us, people we see as being in a position of authority who we think know better than us and when we don’t have anything to compare this to, we believe what we are told.

Most of us are ‘given’ beliefs about relationships, health, ageing, money, careers etc that we never question and yet they may have little basis in truth.

subconscious mind_3

Take a close look at the beliefs you hold in all areas of your life

We all have them. They have been stored up for years and years, added too, layer upon layer. Given closer consideration I bet you would be staggered at how many assumptions from repetitive belief. These can be tiny things, big things, trivial to important, things like: you have to work hard to get anywhere, Doctors are always right, rich people aren’t happy, money is evil, we get sicker as we get older…

Let go!

When I sat down and went through all the things I believed, I was amazed at how many beliefs I had that were not serving me. And when I really questioned and explored these beliefs I was able to let them go and felt a sense of relief and freedom that I had not had before.

Think about the beliefs you have about your health, do you believe it is possible to have optimal health? As Henry Ford said “if you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”. I like to get people to take action, you can read and read and read, learn everything there is to know but unless you take action nothing will ever change.

Take action! Here we go:

Write down at least 5 beliefs that you have right now. If you have more than five, you can do this in stages, the more you can work on and change the better but I don’t want this to be overwhelming so lets’ start with just five. As you write them down they may seem very solid or they may start to seem slightly silly, but that’s OK, just write them down!

Next read each belief out loud and ask yourself these questions:
a. Is this really true?
b. How do I know it is true?
c. Is this belief serving me?
d. Do I have proof that this is true?

If not, let it go. Feel the sense of relief and the opening for you to form a new belief, a healthier belief that serves you?

Remember beliefs are your choice, are they serving you? Are they stopping you from achieving your goals or dreams? We do not need to change beliefs that serve us.

For example, if you believe you can heal yourself, you can. This is a positive belief, it gives you the power and responsibility and will serve you when you are ill. If you believe that money is good, it is a great belief, because it enables you to live the life you want, to go on holiday to relax and recharge and it enables you to give back and help others when you have more money.

I know that you may have some beliefs that are not serving you and don’t seem as easy to change and this is where I use techniques such as Theta Healing® to change these to make sure they are serving us positively rather than negatively.

If you need any guidance, need help getting started or you are looking for my full 7 Step System connect with me by clicking here, and finding out how I can help you and get you started on your journey to Life-Long Health, Happiness and Abundance.

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