Do you like the anticipation of getting a gift? The idea that something good is coming your way and the mysterious notion of what it could possibly be…very exciting!

A holiday should be like that too. However very often it is not. Holidays bring a change in routine, good and bad, that can often overshadow the pleasant experience that it was intended to be.

The end of year holidays is no exception.


From the time a person takes off work, or the effort trying to get time off from work, to the travel excitement, spending time with or without family, the expenses associated with it al – gifts include – and the emotional impact it all creates, stress can be the result.

In fact vacations and major holidays make the top 50 list on the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory.

Even the good side of the holidays can bring challenges simply because it’s a change from our ordinary daily pattern of living and doing things. Not to mention the idea of then having to come back to our daily lives after a nice time off!

Step No.1 to having a stress-free holiday is to embrace the change and challenges that come with the season. There may in fact be no such thing as a stress-free holiday, but preparing for the inevitable holiday schedule and activities can help you and your body make the best experience from what is supposed to be a very happy time of year.

stress free holidays_2

Since it’s supposed to be a time for getting together with people, be sure to lean on those relationships if there’s any help you need with anything. Quite often, we take on too much during the holidays and it overwhelms us. The “TO-DO” lists can be huge during this time of year and being able to share some of those tasks or even just talk to people about what’s going on can be a lifesaver.

Trying to keep some modicum of your normal routine…

Like eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and your chiropractic adjustments, will help to sustain you through the merry times of the season. You live your life through your nervous system and to have a great experience every day, holidays or otherwise, requires some upkeep on those systems while ensuring they don’t get neglected or abused.

Some specifics in this regard might include drinking plenty of water, watching that sugar intake, taking a nap on a day that follows a night with perhaps less sleep than usual, going for some peaceful walks, spoiling yourself with a holiday massage or spa visit, and remembering to keep things on your list that you enjoy doing, not just what others would enjoy or you must get done.

The expectations we set for the holidays are often not in line with who we are and the choices or decisions we make.

This year, create a plan for a holiday that makes sense to you. Feed your soul with the idea that any time of year, especially the holidays, can be as amazing as you want them to be.

With that picture in mind, set up a schedule and strategy with tactics to lead you forward with a smile on your face and love in your heart. After all, it’s your holiday too!

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