Why you can’t lose weight

Have you tried to exercise and eat healthy to lose weight? Have you found yourself working on these habits and then you suddenly quit? Have you not been seeing results because you’re not consistent?

While exercise and healthy eating are the only way to lose weight healthily, there are many people who don’t see results.


There are many factors that contribute and one of them is not taking responsibility for our actions.

Excuses after excuses

We tend to start the program and then find many reasons why we cannot continue.

Many times I hear people say:

I can’t exercise today because I have a lot of work, I have kids, I’m married, I’m not married, I did not wake up on time, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I’m sick, I’m tired, it’s cold

… and the list goes on.

Learning from your own experiences

I had the habit of being late to some of my appointments.

Nowadays, I’m a lot better because I have worked at being more punctual. It is very rare that I’m late.

However, once in a while, I’m getting out of the house right on time to be at my appointment if there is nothing and no one in my way.

When I get out of the house running, I get stressed out.

I start blaming everything that delays me; my dogs for going potty at the last minute, the snow on my car that I need to clean, my brother who is parked behind me, the pedestrian who is crossing the street, the person who is driving slow in the passing lane. You name it.

I soon started to discover the truth and the truth is – if I hadn’t hit snooze on the alarm.

If I only would have set my alarm 15 minutes earlier, or if I would have gone to bed earlier, or if I prepared things the night before to save me time in the morning, I wouldn’t be running late.

stop making excuses_2Certainly, it was no one else’s fault other than mine. I could have done many things different to be on time.

The reality is that excuses won’t change the situation

I read that excuses are for people who are not willing to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Excuses are justifications for the actions we take for doing or not doing something. Excuses are never the reason why we did or did not do what we were supposed to do. Excuses can make us feel better by blaming someone or something else, for something we did or did not do.

But, once again, it won’t change the outcome.

I have focused on the events I have experienced that I know turn into excuses, I’m to improve my behavior and become responsible for my actions by not blaming the dogs, the weather, my brother, the pedestrians crossing the street, or the person driving in the wrong lane.

Things don’t happen to me – things happen because of me and I choose for good things to happen.

I choose to be responsible, ethical, trustworthy and not make excuses for my actions and stop blaming everything and everyone for my mistakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to tell you if you are making excuses or that reasons are valid or invalid to quit your exercise or eating healthy habits.

Fix the core problem

I’m here to point out that if you continue coming up with excuses each time you attempt to lose weight, you’re never going to lose weight. The problem might not be your exercise program or the eating plan you have, but the excuses that you make.

Being on time has paid many ways. However I wouldn’t have ever learned how to be on time if I continued making excuses for my tardiness.

We are human beings and for some reason it is easier for us to find excuses or blame anything or anyone, rather than take personal responsibility.

So, if you truly want to commit to your goal, and reach that goal, study your situation.  Maybe you can change your rationalization and get better at staying committed to your goals.

Keep in mind that this is how you are going to see results in your weight loss program.

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