We have all been guilty of being judgemental in some form, it is a common human failing.  It might have been towards people appearance, their actions, to how they go about with their affair’s, right down to people’s taste.

You might not know the person, but are aware of their dress sense and the way they carry them self, but you can’t help but find a flaw on which to cast your judgement.

It’s not always about being judgemental on another person


You can be judgemental towards oneself. Rather than seeking a solution to a recurring situation, an individual who suffers from this type of judgemental-ism  is inclined to dwell on a matter, often leading to judgement on one’s actions, as well as a repetitive action applied by the individual in avoiding the real reason to correct this from recurring again

1. It is in our nature to be judgemental, it’s not always useful

We look down on others as if we are so much better and that creates division between people. When you create a division with other people through judgement, you loose the concept of possibly having a good loyal person enter your life, this could be in the form of a work partner, soul mate, a friend for life.

And lets not forget, the skills of interacting with other humans who may have similar experiences to you, could be a person with great wisdom and has life experiences and answers you are searching for.

Sad as it may be a lot of people still and will continue to have this mental process. Who are they to pass judgement without knowing what that person has gone through? Life can be cruel at the best of times, but it doesn’t mean you have to be.

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As a personal trainer who has worked in numerous gyms, I’ve come across fitness professional and members who think it’s all right to pass judgement on another member who is obese.

Lets stop right there!

Let me enlighten you if you have ever been guilty of placing this judgement on an obese person. Just think of it like this, that individual could have a slow thyroid or other related health problems, in return could contribute to that individual metabolism working at an increasingly slow rate. But the bottom line is, they have come to the gym to try and fix this, so give them credit!

Then there’s the other scenario. When someone has worked out, busted a gut to make a better version of their body, through regular exercise and eating healthy. But then they are judged for ‘not eating properly’ or even that they have ‘taken something’ to achieve this result.

I have been a victim to this and know it all too well

Once being obese myself I can assure you I never starved myself or restricted my calories, nor did I take anything to achieve this. But I can bluntly say I worked my butt off and adopted a healthy life by eating clean. When I say ‘eating clean’ I mean, no processed foods, fried foods, junk in general, sweets and chocolates.

Come back for the concluding Part 2 tomorrow when Helena Philippou will be continuing her look at what causes judgemental behaviour and the best ways of avoiding it in yourself and others.

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