We all know the importance behind taking care of our physical health and the consequences of such if we do not.

But, how often do we overlook the importance of our emotional health, dismissing the tell-tail signs and symptoms of pure neglection?

One can only last so long until he or she hits their breaking point, where they can no longer handle the emotional stress and turmoil within their life.


Before you hit the breaking point, take a moment to sit back and really engage your mind and body. Scan your body, your mind, your emotions and thoughts.

Is there something pressing you at this moment?

Has it been on your mind the last few days? What can you do to fix or erase this emotional draining black-hole that is present in your life?

Simple, yet easy, strategies to use that help one to proactively stay healthy when facing emotional turmoil includes:

1. Exercising regularly

It helps increase the levels of feel-good neurochemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Those chemicals also help buffer effects of stress through relief of symptoms like depression.

Instead of viewing exercise as a medical tool, look at it as a means to help enhance your frame of mind, reduce stress and increase happiness and self-confidence.

2. Finding your purpose and meaning

Finding your purpose and meaning within your own life will help you to establish and set new goals and purposes, explore natural talents and interests, consider your role in your intimate relationships, and grow spiritually.

All of these will give new meaning and life to your purpose and help you to continually strive towards an accomplishment.

3. Mastering your environment

Mastering your environment to best modify to your unique circumstances for the mote emotional balance and feelings of pride and success.

Learning how to use skills such as time management and prioritization, with help you to believe that you have the ability to handle the “unexpected” that life throws your way.

4. Practicing mindfulness

staying healthy2

Practicing mindfulness instead of letting your mind wander will help you to live in the moment through the ability to let distracting and negative thoughts pass through your mind without getting caught up in the emotional inferences of the thoughts.

Actively paying attention to the moment you are presently in right now will help you to reduce stress and increase well-being and undistracted focus.

5. Accepting yourself

Accepting yourself will help you to push through the dark, challenging, black-holes of life. Accomplishing even the smallest goals can help you to build your new level of hope through the embracing of yourself, your life, and how you are wonderfully unique and of no comparison to those around you.

6. Staying Connected

Staying Connected to those who truly love and support you as an individual will help you to feel accepted and connected, promoting a positive mood through the continual nurturing development of these relationships within your life.

Making a point to reach out and cultivate these important connections within your life will add a sense of self-worth and importance to your well-being.

7. Expressing gratitude

Expressing gratitude to those people in your life who you are truly thankful for will help you to successfully cope with stress through the ability to evoke positive emotions. Keeping a journal or a “gratitude-list” will help you to actively write down what you are thankful for each day.

Doing so has been linked to having happier moods, greater optimism and positive increase in physical health[1].

8. Remaining optimistic

Remaining optimistic and looking at the positive side of life circumstances will increase your ability to experience happiness allowing you to more effectively cope with stress and the negatives of day-to-day life.

Maintaining and emitting this type of personality also is a magnetic to others, as they will look to feed off of your positive life high and vibrant, optimistic personality.

These are all simple, yet easy and effective, strategies to help you stay healthy when facing emotional turmoil.

Yes, it is hard to often remain optimistic, grateful, and loving when difficult life circumstances and negative emotions are emitted, but I urge you to try.

Embracing yourself and distilling/maintaining healthy habits (i.e. eating well, proper sleep, and regular sun exposure) which you can control, will help lead to effectively coping with emotional turmoil and effectively instilling the coping strategies listed above.

Clearing the emotional block from your body is not easy and often takes work and much self-love. But, through continual restoration of mind and body, you will find that balance- which is crucial for optimal emotional well-being and staying healthy when facing emotional turmoil.

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