Last week two different women stopped me to congratulate me on my writing. That was so kind…

One of them wished me good luck with my book and told me that,as far as she knew, to lose weight people need to stop eating sugar and go gluten free.

After a couple of days, the other woman approached as I was getting into my car. She said she reads all my columns in the local newspaper and here at WatchFit and that she likes my writing, which is unique.

She thinks I can help a lot of people. She thanked me for taking the time to write the columns. She also said America needs this information on losing weight and that she does not understand why so many people are overweight and unhealthy, even educated people with college or university degrees. She thought that educated people shouldn’t have a weight problem.

This past Sunday, I ran into a friend. We used to work together for a fast food restaurant in the Snowmass resort area. I was surprised when I saw him. He had completely changed his body. He was at least 30 pounds lighter, and he seemed so much healthier.

My friend told me that in fact he lost 50 pounds! He said he feels better, more alive and healthier, has more energy and you already know all the positive effects of adopting the exercise and healthy eating habits.


But what made him adopt the new positive habits?

He told me that his health was deteriorating. He used to have a physical job (not the restaurant job) where he made very good money, but it was deleterious to his health. He went to a doctor, who told him that he needed to find a different job. He decided to find another one that paid less but was better for his health.

It has been more than two years since he made the change, and he is happier than ever. My friend was telling me that he is now 50 years of age, and he regrets wasting so much of his life by drinking, smoking, eating junk and working in the wrong place.

Now after a few years, he has a better life and is happier than when he was pursuing his happiness with bad habits. All he did to change his life was to drop bad habits and adopt new good habits.

starting weight loss

Yes, it’s true, maybe people need to eat less sugar, eat gluten free foods and exercise, etc. Also, obesity and diseases does not discriminate educated people. However, just like I told the two wonderful women that approached me, everything begins in the brain. When people have decided to change, eating healthily and exercising is not difficult anymore. This is what my book talks about.

It is not difficult to lose weight…

In fact, many of us need to avoid all kinds of promotions and invitations to be active and eat healthy. There is a gym everywhere. The first questions are not, “ What should I eat?” “What exercise I should perform?” The real and first questions are, “I am ready to lose weight?” How strong is my motivation and what motives me?” “How important is for me to lose weight?”

It’s all about starting weight loss and being ready to do so.

If you have no excuses why it can’t be done, you are ready! If your motivation is pain or passion to the point that you can’t think about anything else, you are ready. If losing weight becomes as important as your job, money, family, hobbies, as your life in general, you are ready. The rest is easy!

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