My life experiences, others on my journey and my educational background has taught me this about easy going people…

They are a breath of fresh air

Because of these positive qualities, I can honestly say when I am around an easy going person (like myself) we bring happiness to others and make them feel at ease. We are easy to talk to. I have had many people tell me, “I can open up to you about anything”.


Can you relate?

You can easily spot these types of people – they just go with the flow, they don’t allow others to directly affect them in their decision making. They are usually even tempered; it takes a lot to anger them.

These people tend to be lighthearted and kind, building long lasting friendships and bonds with others.

On the other hand, the downfalls or cons of not being easy going are others may think you are too serious,  you might be assertive in cases and situations where others might not want to work with a serious CEO.

You could be seen as unapproachable and putting up walls, not allowing others in your life.

Having a temper or being too aggressive are other negative attributes to those individuals that are not so easy going.

easy going person_3Advantages of easy going parents

Kids are under so much pressure these days in school and society in general.  An easy going parent and person is very approachable and liked by many people because of the easiness in their vibes they display to everyone.

Kids tend to open up very easily to parents that make them feel at ease and create a safe place for them to express themselves without judgements being projected onto them.

When kids have parents that are too assertive or put too many restrictions on their children, it manifests many difficulties in their lives, like passive aggressiveness.

Often kids who have parents that are more strict don’t open up as easily and hide issues for fear they will be punished for speaking about their concerns and also tend to display attention seeking behaviors in order to receive the love they need and deserve.

The need to feel liked

We as adults also fall into patterns of wanting to be liked so much we become easy going or condition ourselves to be nothing like our parents. This is because we can relate to what did not work in their parenting discipline style and change our ways completely, as adults.

Easy employees can be gullible and sometimes need to learn to say no so they don’t get burnt out.  

Often clients want to work with me because I have an easy disposition but an Affirmative Action Strategy Power Plan to break through barriers and receive the results they want and need in their life to transform.

The negatives of not being easy going

I have seen and experienced the cons and difficulties of not being so easy going in my lifetime. When we think about others who are rigid in their ways or too strict, what comes to mind or how do they make you feel?

easy going person_2The characteristics or feelings that arise for me are ones of anxiousness or not feeling like I can be myself because I am not sure how they will react to me or others.

Parents that are too assertive and strict with their children, tend to make kids feel like they cannot easily open up and discuss important issues or much of anything to that type of parent for fear of what their parents reactions will be.

They ultimately end up conditioning their children to feel timid and not use their backbones or their voices on important topics.  

Kids feel the need to seek help from others instead of their parent(s) when they don’t  make their kids feel comfortable allowing them to freely speak their minds.

Employers and employees who are not as easy going tend to feel not included because they are often viewed as unapproachable, in return not building long lasting friendships or business relationships.

I am sure you can immediately think of a few bosses that were too strict and you probably avoided them like the plague and asked someone more easy going for assistance?

Turning to aggression

Also, these kinds of people are usually more outspoken saying things sometimes they don’t mean to say and over time end up costing them business deals or friendships because they don’t know how to keep their tempers at bay.

As we all experience the differences with easy going people and those more aggressive, I ask that you will be open to showing others how both types of traits have helped and hurt your situations.

Some people do not know they are being too aggressive and need some behavioral training and others are too easy so that becomes a turn off to others.

Whatever works for you, is always a benefit to your learning style but I do encourage you to be open to learning how both of these styles and traits can teach you some life lessons!

Remember to step into your power and take massive action for powerful results!

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