It’s 10:30pm and I am about to open the golden doors of dreamland when an unexpected Facebook message catches my attention: a girl has texted me! 

With glitter in my eyes I read the text hoping for some flirting chitty chat but, with a bit of surprise, I soon discover that the girl in question wasn’t interested in such things but was calling for the help of my coaching services.

She had seen my latest post on Facebook showing some of my best client’s transformations (sided by a cheeky picture of me training topless) and didn’t hesitate to write me.


Long story short… Another case of failed New Year resolutions and grief towards a lost physical shape and sense of well-being.

Like a Paladin in a shining armour I offer to meet her for a coffee and discuss if we can work together to get her back to a state of physical fitness and shine like the old days once again.

Same old problem

This was the sixth person that week having the same issues and it got me thinking how could I help more people in an easier and effective way.

My capacity was already full and for the sake of my rest and mental sanity, I can’t save all the ladies lost into the woods that are calling for a ‘hero’!

So here I am writing a short guideline to what I believe are the basic principles of success for any fitness resolution.

Some may think that the secret is a wild herb growing on the highest mountains of the Himalayas or a magic mushroom only cultivated by monks… nothing more stupid.

We all know too well that the secret lies an inch and a half above our nose. It’s called the human brain.

power of the mind_2The Human Brain

I was once having a relaxing walk in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. My thoughts were flowing and I was simply observing them without paying too much attention, enjoying nature and not caring about anything else.

All of a sudden I hear my phone ringing and, with a smooth move worthy of Clint Eastwood in a Western, I extract the tool from my pocket and check the message freshly appearing on the screen.

Obviously nothing important, only my Mom reminding me to use the new product she bought for the washing machine.

Quite disappointed for the interruption I found myself wondering how my brain got incredibly excited by the idea of getting some good news… but also a bit anxious about some possible bad news.

I stopped for a second and looked around me, noticing how tempted I was to start checking my Facebook notifications, Twitter notifications, Tinder matches and, last but not least, my agenda.

I was petrified. All my calm and mindfulness destroyed by a single text!

Identifying and recovering

Upon getting home I was quite disturbed by the idea of being addicted to my phone and, since I felt quite nervous, I ended up buying ice cream at the shop outside my flat and started eating it already in the elevator in a total craving rush.

What started with the intention of being a mindful relaxing walk ended up in a fattening bath of shame and guilt.

I was truly disappointed with myself but, remembering the Buddhist teachings, I simply set on a chair and reflected on why this chain of events had taken place in my head.

In no time I re-opened a book I read long time ago called “The Willpower Instinct” and after a few pages the answer to my questions came to me unexpected like rain in August.

Find out the answer to those questions and continue the journey of Mindset and Willpower For High Performance in Part 2 and Part 3

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