A positive attitude really is so powerful!

I just did a video on this on Facebook and figured it would be a great subject for WatchFit article this week.

I ask my clients daily how they are feeling.


The response sometimes will be “I’m tired” and you will hear me say. “No you’re not. It’s all in your head”. And I believe this can be true.

Negative thoughts become a reality

This subject seems to show up daily where we say something negative like, “today is going to be a bad day” and sure enough, it turns out to be a bad day. Then you’ll hear “I told you so!” like it’s something to be proud of! This is not a coincidence.

You are telling your subconscious mind that this is what you expect. We then seem to vividly imagine all the things that could possibly go wrong before they even happen. Then we get anxious which brings up various other emotions.

When we do this our subconscious mind or more specifically our reticular activating system will seek situations to make this “wish” come true and boom – You’ve got yourself a bad day!

Here’s another doozy. “I’m not a morning person”. Well, if you go to bed late and wake up late then yes, that is a choice you made. It doesn’t define you. If you went to bed earlier and woke up early, does that make you a morning person? No. It is just a choice you made.

We look for excuses for our lack of effort when it comes to having a positive attitude and blame it on circumstance.

power of positive attitude02

We need to try flipping this scenario where we say and expect our day to be amazing, and vividly imagine the good things that you want to happen and put the same emotion behind it as we would when we’re negative.

The Shakespeare quote above makes the point excellently. You can be in a bad situation, but we must take responsibility for our circumstances because as much as you want to blame everything else, you and I put ourselves in this exact situation we are in. So,now we have the choice.

Do we make the best of it or do we complain, criticise and condemn?  These are all choices we have. Nobody is forcing you to do things you don’t like to do, so either change the circumstance or make it positive because honestly nobody wants to hear us complain. It’s draining for the complainer because you are attracting more negativity and it drains the listener because misery loves company. Your attitude of the situation will determine whether it is good or bad.

Our minds are powerful magnets. If we are happy we attract happy people and happy circumstances. You create that and vice versa. If you think sad thoughts all day long you are inviting sad circumstances. I’ve asked this before, but try it again. Try to actively not complaining, criticising or condemning anyone or anything all day long.

You’ll be surprised how hard it is, but it will make you realise some things about yourself.

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