What is a Positive Thought? And what is a Positive Act?

A thought that makes you smile
makes you laugh

makes you want to go and help others in some way
makes you want to jump out of bed and start the day doing everything you need to do to enable a positive and productive day to unfold. Keeping your mind and body light and buoyant.

A positive thought can make waiting for the bus a pleasurable experience.
A positive thought can make riding on a packed tube train an engaging experience. Keep smiling and  forgive anyone who stands on your toe!

For it seems that as soon as you let go of the positive thought (when your temper is frayed and you become agitated) leg), the lost the positivity is lost amongst the souls on that crowded train.

A positive thought does not thrive or survive in an environment of negativity or anger and once you have allowed your positivity to slip, even for a moment, it can be hard to claw it back and regain that blissful state of moments before. However it can be passed on.

That act of thoughtfulness, a nice comment, even just a smile…they can all inject another person with positivity that they will take with them once they get off that bustling train.

What a gift to give! And if they lose it, then at least they had a moment of happiness that YOU brought to them….Wow, you are fantastic! So don’t keep your positivity to yourself – share it!

a positive thought and positive act

‘How come?’, I hear you say! Well to keep all the good thoughts to yourself will cause a blockage in the flow of good thoughts, thereby turning you into a negative! To give is to receive.

Remember how good you feel when you give a gift? A thought is just another gift that you can give (and it’s free!) and it might be just what that person standing next to you on that train needs to be able to function well in their workplace or at home at that time. Good thought kept is a bad thought!

And if you can master the skill of ‘Creation’, and that is being open and receptive to positive thoughts, then you will get bigger, greater, more positive thoughts, creating an aura of Happiness about yourself that attracts good things to you.

The person with the briefcase on the train who bashed your leg – you lost that positive state with your the briefcase bashing your leg was an accident…and you lost a positive thought with your “Grrrr…”, yet you have the opportunity to regain your positivity by smiling at the person who accidentally clonked into you.

They win a smile of forgiveness and you win your positivity back!

And if they don’t accept your smile of forgiveness and remain as miserable as you might have found them, then they were not the one who was open to the positive thought that you lost!

However you did the right thing, you still regain your happiness and create a space for another positive thought.

And while you are grinning from ear to ear over your achievement of regaining positivity here’s a tip for you:

Take a look down the train and see who caught the happy positive thought you lost and if you see no one looking as open and happy as you, then do not let that bring you down to their level. It is a battle to keep positive when all around you are not.

But it is a battle worth winning when you are Happy and Healthy and they are still coughing, spluttering, sneezing and grumbling.

Don’t ever forget that Positivity is Protection! Layer upon layer, day after day. And it is always worth it!

This is the Psychology of Positivity 😉

(typed by the fingers of Yogi Sally Ann Slight on 21st November 2013…all rights remain)

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