The Editorial team at WatchFit sent me a list of topics that they felt were useful for its ever growing readership. As I looked over the spreadsheet, my eyes were immediately drawn to “Why Your Mindset Affects Everything You Do”.

In that moment I looked back to the life I used to lead before I could dub myself as fiercely optimistic.

I was, in most explicit terms, married to misery; and this my friend, was a choice that I was unconsciously making, but it was one that was greatly affecting my life.


Looking at your attitude

Many years ago I started to notice the little things about myself such as rolling my eyes when I was asked to do something. This was actually the beginning of me creating chaos and negative energy around an action I was about to take.

I could easily then view any given task with a negative mindset.

No wonder I was always trying to escape my own mind through the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

I was eternally Debbie Downer and could barely stand being with myself. When I eventually came to realize this, it allowed me to understand the distress I was creating within my own world.

positive mindset_2Everyday we make hundreds of choices

Ranging from when we are going to get out of bed, to what we are going to eat for breakfast, to how we are going to get to work, etc.

Not only do we have to choose the action we are going to take, we also choose a mindset about each action. By consciously choosing to look at each action as an opportunity for inner growth, however, we can create bits and pieces of happiness.

In order to truly comprehend what I mean, challenge yourself by embracing each moment with a grateful heart. Instead of viewing situations by determining whether the glass is half empty or half full, why don’t you try being grateful for just having a glass?

This way of thinking allows a certain acceptance and appreciation of the self

We can then teach ourselves to ignore a world that improperly thrives on judgements and comparisons, and to dismiss all those activities that do not serve our soul. This allows for true happiness to navigate into core being.

While I can simply suggest that you re-evaluate every daily action, we both know that this is impractical if not impossible.

Challenge yourself

Be conscious to a single different action every single day.

In order to see how you can make choices that uplift your spirit rather than bring you down.

It is up to you to begin to acknowledge, understand and then eliminate habits that are stunting your growth and not allowing you to be happy and replace them with actions that will enhance and illuminate your life.

You will soon then learn that every moment of every day, even when it may not be evident, with a positive mindset is an opportunity for you to discover gratitude for being alive and an opportunity to experience love of self and life itself.

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