I will persist until I succeed.

– Og Mandino

Any time I want something in life, I never stop until I get it.  However, getting what I want is not easy. For example, being in shape was one of my goals. Of course, it was not an overnight success. It took more than three years to get there.


I made mistakes in my journey.  However, I learned from each mistake I made.

Never giving up

I think persistence is one of those virtues I really understand so far. This is what all people who succeed posses.

For example, Silvestre Etalon, never gave up until he found the right company that accepted his movie idea. He was a lead actor and producer, even after being rejected over and over from other companies.

Mother Teresa is also a great example; she successfully convinced many doctors to help dying people, even though she was rejected many times before succeeding.

The Beatles were rejected by many record labels, but never gave up.

Abraham Lincoln lost many elections before he was elected into office, he pursued his goals and succeeded eventually.

And I bet you have heard the story of Thomas Edison. It took him ten thousand tries to invent the light bulb before he got it right.

We are born with the virtue of being persistent

However, we lose it as we grow.

We have been taught to stop doing whatever it is we are doing because we are told it is annoying, for fear of getting hurt or sometimes, we try to fit into society by not being stubborn. Stubborn has bad connotations.

We want to be liked and fear rejection, so we stop the “undesirable” behavior because it is more comfortable to be liked than disliked.

persistence_2Having patience

Rejection and failures are part of success. No one will succeed at their goal if they don’t polish their virtue of persistence.

Remember that adversity will always be there

The only people capable of succeeding are those who keep persisting. Persistence is the key to overcome adversity.

Because no matter how much money, knowledge, education or strength you have, persistence is the only way to overcome adversity, rejection and failures.

Even animals need the virtue of persistence

In Africa, buffalos, zebras, elephants and other animals need to travel long distances in the desert, avoiding sand storms that render them almost blind the entire journey, to get water at the swamps of Okavango. Otherwise, they will die of thirst because that is the only area where water can be found.

persistence_4To further illustrate, many wolves and wild dogs need to target their prey and follow the prey until the prey makes a mistake or gets tired from running. Whoever persists for longer will survive.

Even the Bible mentions persistence

In the story of Moses when he frees the Israelites, Ramses heart was hardened by God. Consequently, Moses needed to overcome many rejections and failures that made his situation worse before he could free the Israelites.

Even though he was guided by a Superior Power, Moses had to overcome obstacles before he was able to free the Israelites.

Sometimes we see the small picture and think that everyone and everything has it easy. Many times we don’t take into consideration that no one has it easy.

We all need to pay a price for what we want or need.

Having a positive impact

We all want to survive, progress, feel secure, be healthy, strong, and enjoy our freedom. There is nothing wrong with wanting all of this.

I dream and I work hard to achieve my goals.

I think you can also think big and go after your dreams. You deserve more than what you have. Also, by exercising all of your potential, you can help others do the same and make a positive impact in life.

If you want to achieve your dream, look around and find out how persistence has helped many people achieve their dreams and goals.

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