We all have individuals, celebrities, family members and friends and yes, even Jesus that we look up to – but why do we see them in such a different light to others?

The people that I admire (my kids) have what I want (freedom, they live in the moment, they are at peace, don’t worry about much, are taken care of…) and set the example for other people. And what’s more, they don’t even know it because of their age!

However, there are others such as celebrities that have international followings and inspire many in different ways. Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry, took away our sins and taught us a specified way of life that is a holy way to live – and many are attracted to this lifestyle.


Influencing people is much easier than you realize and I will explain in detail how others are successful at it.

The people we love and admire have special qualities that we look up to and at times want to emulate because we see the results that those character traits bring forth.

For example, the family member than turns the other cheek when yelled at and will not engage in harmful and destructive conversations. The patient child who always waits their turn for activities and grooming in the mornings or prior to bedtime. The child who studies even when they don’t want to so they can get a good grade on their exam.

Being an example is the greatest way to influence people and show the ones you love the most how they should be.

When we use our actions instead of words they instil more meaning because no matter what you say people will do what you do.

Life lessons are often learned by trial and error, doing and then receiving. We absolutely set the stage for our loved ones by being the best version of ourselves and allowing them to choose on their own if we are a good model to replicate behaviors that are positively influencing.

A good heart, a sound mind, positive actions that equal what we say we will do. Making sacrifices, motivating others, and keeping our promises will surely reap rewards for years to come. One of the ways I directly influence my children is to pray for others out loud and before each meal. I don’t have to do anything but my words will resonate with them and I am sure they will eventually duplicate my prayers in their life.

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For now when an ambulance drives past or fire trucks whale their sirens, I pause, pray out loud for people’s life and declare that God spare them their life. I am positive my prayers are heard not only by God but the innocent passengers in my car and hearing every word I speak so they too can become global leaders and change other’s lives, one small proactive decision at a time.

Celebrities also influence others: athletic capabilities, beating overwhelming odds, display musical talents that cannot be replicated by just anyone, life stories of success to motivate the lazy, support missions and charity organizations, showing perseverance through the most difficult endeavours, beating the voices of negativity, standing up for what is right, not doing what is easy and so many more examples.

We look up to these types of people because their lives seem glorified by fame, fortune and money.

What we don’t see is the restless nights, hungry stomachs, loneliness, unhappiness of rejection and failed attempts at success, the divorce battles, custody heartaches, family issues that are magnified due to fame and the time and dedication of what it takes to make it at the celebrity elite level. Somehow, they seem to greatly influence people all over the world all the while making millions and glorifying their unsettled lives.

Be an example

I encourage you to be your own fine example for your loved ones and even people you don’t know. We never know who will fall in love with the real us. Always be authentically yourself and the right people will gravitate to your life and stay because you have what they want or are really attracted to you for the examples you set.

Admire people for the right reasons and others will admire you for the same and your greatness will be recognised and remembered. Create a vision and step into your power and take massive action for powerful results.

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