The Monkey and Snake put the Genius to sleep

Following from Part 1 of Mindset and Willpower for High Performance we’re now going to look at the anatomy of the brain, and hopefully the sentence above will make sense.

The human brain is divided into three layers. For the sake of simplicity we are going to call them the Snake brain (reptilian), Monkey brain (mammalian) and Genius brain (prefrontal cortex).


The Snake:

This part of the brain guides our primal instincts, it does it by triggering our desires for food, shelter and reproduction. It makes us run if we sense a threat and leads us to look for security and sexual activity.

All good stuff right?

Let’s take a closer look on how life was thousands of years ago when the skies were blue, the rivers were crystal clear… and a Fred Flinstone-like caveman was strolling in the forest looking for some tasty fruits and few juicy rabbits to take back to his tribe.

The sun is close to setting and Fred hasn’t been lucky today. No rabbits, no roots but, all of sudden, there it is: a tree of tropical fruits.

They’re shining of a yellow and orange so bright that the sight itself is stimulating Fred’s salivation system.

The Snake calls Fred like the sirens called Ulysses and he gets all excited about gathering this tasty treasure. He comes closer and closer, when a loud noise from behind catches Fred’s attention.

Tap tap tap tap…a massive tiger!

It’s running towards him, showing his claws and pre-tasting Fred’s liver and various organs.

Fight or flight

The Snake calls Fred and, even though the fruits were so close, the impulse of running away and hiding somewhere is much bigger than the craving.

He runs, runs, runs and well… in my mind I like to think that Fred was a lucky one and somehow managed to escape the predator.

But most likely the tiger is using Fred’s radius bone to clean his teeth…poor soul.

Even though Fred didn’t make it, the Snake did a great job putting the escape plan first and the food second. If we were cavemen this little part of our brain would turn out quite useful, since all we needed was to hunt, to hide and to make lots of baby Freds.

parts of the brain_2Society today

Pity we live in a society where there is an over abundance of food, shelter is generally provided and sex…well you know that. Progress happened too fast for our brain to catch up and what was useful thousands of years ago turns out to be dangerous and counter-productive today.

This is called “Caveman Syndrome”

Think about it, what was your reaction the last time you red about the next tube strike? Heart pounding, eyes dilated, cold sweat, adrenaline pumping.

Just as the poor Fred felt when he saw the tiger. Your brain just can’t see the difference between shocking news and the sight of a predator.

The same is also true for a food buffet where (since you have paid already) the Snake wants you to get as much food as you can. Or pictures of attractive members of the opposite sex stimulating sexual desires while you’re standing in a tube station packed with people.

The Snake has no logical capability or concept of time

It is programmed to seek out situations that seem good for immediate survival without taking into consideration the long term effect of your actions.

In my example of the walk in the park, the gorging of ice cream without really thinking of diet or health is a perfect example of the Snake in action.

The Snake only believes what he can see right now, therefore the idea of feeling bloated in one hour, guilty in two and fatter the next day is not contemplated at all…

“It looks good: let’s eat it,” says the Snake. 

I coined the name Snake because it seemed really appropriate to this part of our brain, since it will tempt us with desires that are totally non rational nowadays…just like the Snake tempted Eve.

The Monkey:

Also called Limbic System; the center of emotions. Differentiating from other mammals that rely more on the Snake brain, monkeys have something that makes them special don’t they?

They are playful, they can get angry, aggressive, and we all love when they do that cute sad face when you put them back inside their cage… “Aww poor monkey.”

The Monkey brain helps you see the world as a set of problems and games to play with and explore while you ride the emotional highs and lows that they make you feel.

The Monkey brain loves to experience peak emotional states like anger, happiness, sadness, frustration, boredom, excitement and so on.

A monkey has to keep himself entertained in the end. This part of the brain is different from the Snake.

The Monkey has the concept of time but it also believes that the only resources he can access are the ones he has been taught previously.

It is not wired to discover and create, it rather keeps you entertained with activities that you can repeat while in auto pilot.

Clever monkey?

If you tell this part of the brain any of the following:

-“I have a slow metabolism.”

-“I am not fit for this sport.”

-“I don’t like vegetables.”

-“I am a failure.”

-“I have a sweet tooth.”

The Monkey will believe you and act accordingly. Clever monkey?

Not really. “Why try something new when this is so much fun?” said the Monkey.

parts of the brain_3Are you turning monkey?

If you ever have been addicted to sushi, been nominated the best drama queen at school, been spending more hours at the pub than at home or spent days playing World of Warcraft, that was you going monkey. And believe me I’ve done them all!

But let’s go back to my walk in the park.

Now you know that once I have unlocked the screen of my phone with my fancy fingerprint, the Monkey took over. And I don’t know about you but when I’m in monkey mode I tend to have a particular taste for cookies and ice cream.

The Monkey and the Snake make a great team to keep you in shape don’t they?

The Genius:

Also called the Pre-Frontal Cortex. Is the center of logic, reasoning, creativity and higher consciousness.

That’s where the magic happens.

I know you are thinking of a gold coated lamp with a blue body-builder like ominus with no legs and a funny beard hiding inside it, but shut your Monkey brain for a second and keep reading because in order to get fit you will need to tap into this Genius quite a lot.

The Genius is indeed the ultimate source of power and your best friend when it comes to making difficult choices or finding creative solutions.

He is always there waiting for you to rub his lamp, but unfortunately he doesn’t go along with Snake and Monkey…he’s a bit of a loner you know.

Going Genius

The Genius knows that to achieve your goals you need a solid plan and the willpower to follow through. He will help you with creative solutions to simplify your life and he will give you the willpower to resist Monkey and Snake for as long as he can.

If you ever felt true inspiration, felt like you could achieve all your goals and gather the required mental strength to overcome any challenge, or simply felt in peace with yourself and connected to something bigger than you – that was you going Genius.

“Ask and you shall have…but no more than three wishes” said the Genius.

My walk in the park was indeed planned to awaken the Genius, since he only comes out in a relaxed state of mind while the Monkey is asleep.

I should just have turned the phone off and enjoyed the chat with this funny guy…don’t make the same mistake!

Tomorrow in Part 3 of this series I will tell you how these parts of the brain interact and how to use that to your advantage.

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