Holistic Techniques To Overcome Depression

Depression is a serious psychiatric illness that impairs various aspects of people’s  lives and is a more prevalent condition than many people have previously believed.


Physical effects can be weight loss of weight gain. It can have a huge impact on a person’s general well-being and cause significant deterioration of concentration and memory.

It also drains a person emotionally by causing overwhelming sadness, one of the symptoms of which might be frequent crying spells for no apparent reason.

Sufferers can follow an holistic approach to effectively manage depression that combines one or more therapies as looked at here:

1. Determine the underlying cause:

It is first advised to consult a doctor to determine an underlying cause that leads to depression. It is imperative to rule out an underlying medical or psychiatric condition resulting in depression.

The doctor evaluates the symptoms of depression and determines a medical or mental condition if applicable. Depression can also occur due to medication therapy used to treat other medical conditions.

Some of the medications that can cause depression include Atenolol or Tenormin (used for treating abnormal heart rhythms, anginal chest pain, high blood pressure, heart failure), Acyclovir or Zovirax (used to treat herpes virus or shingles), Atorvastatin or Lipitor (used to prevent heart attacks and lower cholesterol).

There are other medications too and these can be researched online through reputable channels.

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2. Herbal Therapy:

Mild depression can be effectively treated with St John’s wort or hypericum perforatun under the supervision of your Doctor as it interacts with other prescription medications and can interfere with their effectiveness.

Some of the herbs are effective in treating mild to moderate depression. You might prefer Chinese herbal medicine or Ayurvedic herbal medicine or homeopathy to effectively manage the condition.

3. Diet Therapy:

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Depression can be effectively managed with an appropriate diet therapy.

One should increase the dietary intake of omega 3 fatty acids, folic acid and B vitamins as studies suggest that depressed individuals often lack these nutrients.

One can significantly improve mood swings by taking these nutrients either through diet or vitamin supplementation. Some of the foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids include cold water fish, halibut, salmon, tuna and other fatty fish.

One can obtain omega 3 fatty acids from vegetarian foods such as flaxseed, soy beans, walnuts, winter squash, olive oil and dark green vegetables.

You can sprinkle 2 tablespoons of flaxseed’s powder onto a breakfast cereal, or snack on salads garnished with ground flaxseed. Other food ideas include tossing walnuts in olive oil and taking a lunch of tuna or salmon with winter squash.

4. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is an effective remedy to ease the symptoms of depression.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy can boost your mood and create a sense of wellbeing. Some of the aromatherapy essential oils include: rose, bergamot, rosemary, ylang ylang and chamomile oils.

And you can burst the blues by taking a bath with water blended with 3 drops of rosemary, 3 drops of bergamot, 3 drops of ylang ylang and 3 drops of chamomile.

These aroma oils can raise one’s spirits, elevate the mood and help relieve from depression.

Written by: Dr Chaitra Shivaramaiah

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