You’ve tried so many times to stop overthinking and be less anxious but no matter how hard you try, the relentless civil war still persists in your head.

Overthinking and anxiety not only takes up precious energy but it also takes you away from the present moment. When we are deep in negative thought we are mostly either in the past or in the future. Neither of which we can control.

This constant stressed state can manifest all sorts of aches, pains, insomnia and other maladies

Overthinking stops also us from taking action which can make us feel more anxious. This then leads to more overthinking and anxiety, more fatigue and less action. It literally steals your inner peace.


Thoughts create our feelings and most overthinking doesn’t lead to good feelings. Most often our overthinking leads to fear, confusion, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, failure and ultimately depression.

The first step to putting an end to over thinking and anxiety is mindfulness

This first level of consciousness is the magical point at which we are able to take a moment out of our minds to observe our thoughts and take a proper view.

How to stop over thinking and be less anxious:

Stop for a moment right now and just let yourself think.

– What did you think?
– Did you notice yourself thinking?

If you can observe yourself thinking then you are not your thoughts. Therefore you are not an over thinker or anxious. The thoughts are and are creating those feelings.

over thinking and anxiety_2

What if you could choose your thoughts?

Take a moment to choose to think of something or someone really amazing. How do you feel? Now take a moment to think about something that worries you. How do you feel now? Your thoughts are coming from the mind and imagination and are not you.

So if you are not your mind or your thoughts then who are you?

Who you are is who you would choose to be. In other words no one would ever choose to feel fearful, confused, sad, lonely, anxious or a failure for example, yet often that is how we feel when we overthink.

When you become mindful and observe your thoughts, you are stepping into your conscious mind.

This is the seat of creativity. When we are here then we have space to think and choose our thoughts. We can observe the over thinking and actively ask ourselves how we truly wish to feel.

How would you choose to feel right now?

With practice this gets easier. You can simply notice how you are feeling and direct your thoughts to a much better place. When you are not choosing, your mind chooses for you. When you notice you are not feeling good, you can start to choose your thoughts to manifest good feelings.

We spend so much time worrying about what might happen or what has happened, why not use the same energy imagining the best outcomes to create good feelings?

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