This is the season to get organized. With the New Year nearly upon us, personal trainers, group fitness instructors and coaches alike are planning for the New Year ahead.

So how do you stay on top of the workload over the holiday season and how do you avoid the mayhem of returning back to work?

Get organized and stay three steps ahead of the competition

Put in the work now and reap the rewards months down the track whilst others are still playing catch up.

Things to note

Clients notice everything  

Although they know they aren’t your only client, they like to think they are and if they are paying a premium price for you to train them, then they will definitely expect excellent service and organizational skills.

The fitness industry is incredibly saturated and what makes a personal trainer stand out from the crowd is exceptional customer service and care along with expertise and practical ability.

Being organized creates the stepping stones to standing out from the rest

It will make your life so much easier!

However your personal training business is structured, planning ahead will always be essential. Whether you run your own business, work as an employee or contractor, or have back to back clients and classes, some timing and planning will go along way to reducing your stress levels and limiting any negative impact on yourself, your clients and lifestyle.

To aid you in getting ahead for the New Year, here are some things to consider for a great start to 2016!

Consider your software

Particularly if you run your own business, this is incredibly important. Depending on the size of the business and services, there are many different platforms to utilize.

One of the best things to consider is software

Software can be used via your phone for easy access to your schedule.

Other things to consider is apps for your clients

It makes it easier for them to check in to session, book or cancel sessions or get in contact with you should anything happen.  The world of technology has made everything incredibly accessible – just look here at WatchFit – and for any personal trainer, programs such as Mind Body or similar take the stress out of business structuring.

For a general guide, you want software that is compatible with smart phones, enables appointment and class structuring, yet keeps the process simple and organized for both the client and yourself.

Some software even come with SMS reminders for booked sessions so clients may need to find another excuse as to why they may have forgotten!

organization skills_2Understand your market


It’s marketing 101 to make sure you understand your micro and macro environment in order to help predict trends, compete effectively with other fitness businesses and understand what your locals want from a fitness facility.

Planning ahead with brainstorms for different campaigns and developing an action plan to get you from identifying your options to putting these actions in play means that you are prepared for all possible outcomes and you have a predicted level of success.

If you don’t know what’s going on, chances are potential clients have no idea either.


Lists are the simplest form of organization and are my personal lifesaver. If you are more of a traditionalist, post it notes or notepads may be the way to go.

However, if you need reminders during the day, download a schedule or list application on to your phone to help remind you.

This is particularly helpful if you juggle different aspects of the job or have any meetings with new clients or partners.

Lists are also a great way to help keep staff on track and will enable you to make sure certain tasks are done on certain dates. Again, organization and planning beforehand saves a whole lot of stress and anxiety down the track.


If you have staff, it’s time to make sure they are on the same page. Organize a team meeting or even a casual coffee with staff to make sure everyone is on board with your vision and goals for the team or fitness business.

This is also a great way to generate feedback and healthy discussion about business goals and progress along with staff KPI’s and review.

If you are doing a New Year campaign for a new package, it’s important that all staff know the key points in order to not only sell it but also believe in its value. Getting the team organized helps you achieve your desired result.

Set a goal timeline

The ultimate way to get organized it to set a goal timeline.

Just like you give clients short term and long-term goals, this structure will help you assess whether you are on track for a particular task or whether aspects need to be tweaked for the desired outcome.

This is brilliant for accountability for yourself and team and allows task importance, allocation and due dates to be tracked.

These tips should help guide you into a successful and organized 2016!

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