Do you remember Andre Agassi? The famous tennis player who was once No.1 in the world? If you do remember his sharp face and bald head? Let me tell you a story about how NLP changed his career and took him to the top.

The science behind his success

After making a name for himself and winning a few big tournaments Andre faced a highly stressful situation in his life. He was not performing to his true abilities, not training consistently and was generally angry and unsatisfied with his tennis skills.


His father, after trying everything decided to call Tony Robbins (the best NLP practitioner alive in my opinion) to get him to motivate Andre.When he found out that the father called someone to “motivate him” he became furious: “I don’t need motivation!” he shouted at Tony and his dad.

But what Tony did was far from motivating him.

He re-phrased what Andre said and convinced him to try an easy exercise on the tennis court with the promise that it wouldn’t take more than one hour. The only thing Tony asked him was to imagine in his mind the best possible way to hit the tennis ball from one particular angle.

Andre forced in his mind the image of that perfect shot hundreds of times in front of Tony and when he had to reproduce it on the tennis court it was nothing less than perfect.

A few months later Andre was again No.1 in the world with a stunning series of consecutive victories that nobody would have expected from him.

NLP: science or magic

NLP is a science created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in 1970. Being quite a new science, only a few pioneers have managed to master it and became very famous because of the incredible results they could get with professional athletes and other high performance subjects.

My personal opinion is that NLP is nothing but the science of wisdom. It’s all about the way we see the world inside our minds and how we consecutively approach every situation. I personally use many NLP strategies with my clients to make sure they stay compliant to the plan. But I also use NLP techniques on myself to decide my goals and to do list.

There are hundreds of techniques that can be used to improve your everyday decision making process and help you achieve your fitness or professional goals.

I now want to explain the best NLP technique used by top coaches to improve sport performance: “visualisation”.

Let me tell you about a famous study they did about the power of visualisation.

In the study three different groups of basketball players had to perform the following tasks:

1)    Group 1: Do nothing

2)    Group 2: Practice free shots for 1 hour a day, every day on the field

3)    Group 3: Practice free shots for 1 hour a day, every day but only on their mind with closed eyes

The result was shocking. Group 1 performed badly. Group 2 performed better than group 1. Group 3 outperformed group 1 and 2 by over 30%, and they didn’t step a foot on the basketball court for the whole month!

Just like Andre, those basketball players highly benefitted from practising inside their head.

Visualise the body of your dreams

Here I want to give you a small exercise that has been proven to be incredibly effective in helping people lose a ton of weight when they were doing it consistently.

NLP techniques_2

–       Pick up your calendar and find a time in your day where you can sit alone without anybody disturbing you for 15 minutes. BOOK IT NOW

–       On the designed time you will close your eyes and perform the following actions:

1)    Focus on your breath, just notice how it goes in and out but do not try to change it.

2)    Once you feel relaxed and present, visualise yourself waking up in the morning and going to the bathroom. See yourself turning on the light and looking in the mirror.

Look carefully at yourself and visualise the body you truly want to have. Pay attention to details. How does your skin feels? How does your stomach look? How does the light reflect on your core muscles? Spend time looking at every single body part and describe them in your mind exactly how you would like them to be. Pay attention to the inner feelings you have when you look at yourself and you see that masterpiece. Keep visualising every detail, feeling, sound, smell and colour. Make the scene as real as possible.

Become the future you now have inside your head.

3)    Repeat the visualisation exercise for 21 days.

This is a great exercise invented by doctor Maxwell Maltz, author of the best seller “Psycho Cybernetics”. Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon and in his practice found out the the secret to make every patient happy about themselves was to help them develop a positive SELF-IMAGE first than if still needed he would have done some plastic surgery on them, but most likely people wouldn’t need it anymore simply because the emotional wound was healed inside their heads.

You can use this particular exercise to improve everything you want to change in your life. It will work only as long as you spend enough time to consistently visualise your desired outcomes.


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