What to do when the new year comes

I am feeling really excited, as 2015 is quickly coming to an end and 2016 is upon us!

Some people have the emotion of feeling frantic and attempting to do it all in the next few weeks, to close out 2015 with a bang! Most people seek to write down and have new resolutions and new goals they would like to reach for the new year.


Changing mindsets

As an entrepreneur and world changer and soon to be global leader, I am coming up with new business plans, ideas, ways I can serve others and how I can change my mindset to be the best version of myself.

Most people’s resolutions include a certain amount of weight loss, having better relationships, more loving marriage, to be a better friend and to obtain new parenting skills.

My challenge for you is to begin by altering the way you think

Mentally filter information, do not internalize emotions, eliminate stressors and environmental toxicities as well as exercise self care.

See, most people don’t understand, that when we don’t take care of ourselves and we allow life situations to get the best of us, we end up being the ones who suffer mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

New positive approach to life

I would like you to try a new approach to life and positively change your mental thoughts and behaviors, beginning now and in the new year.

When you view life as always being a challenge and you just can’t seem to get away from all the problems you are having, then you are staying in the problem instead of creating solutions.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

All of the life situations you encounter, essentially you create yourself and manifest self-fulfilling prophecies.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is whatever you think about, write about and speak about manifests itself in your immediate surroundings.

This is especially important for having the right attitudes and happy minds to produce the outcomes you are seeking and wanting.

When we view life with a dab of Vaseline on our eyes as though are worlds are cloudy, then most everything else appears that way as well. Ever wonder why you have something constantly on your mind and it’s on repeat, then what you were thinking about suddenly appears.

A good example of this is: those individuals applying for a new job or going in for an interview and are expecting to receive the job they applied for and are confident they will obtain their desired salary expectations, and ultimately they land the job and receive a financial promotion.

On the other hand, you have people telling themselves they are not good enough or don’t have all of the qualifications and go in with a negative mindset, they usually don’t get the job and then begin the self-blame game.


Self-blame is telling ourselves, “it’s all my fault, they didn’t like me anyway, I probably wasn’t qualified enough”.

Where do all of these notions come from?

Our minds are powerful tools

The main reason we must feed it good affirmations, speak only positive outcomes and write encouraging beliefs about us.

We will see significant differences in our relationships, enhanced business endeavors, our parenting choices will be better, we will be more loving and open to new relationships that we once might have pushed away, and our health will be optimal.

When we feel good, it shows in all areas of our lives and it first starts in our minds.

Eliminate stressor and environmental toxins

new year new me_2I have also mentioned eliminating stressors and environmental toxins because these can wreak havoc on our wellbeing in many different ways.

If there are too many toxins in our bodies and we have a hard time eliminating them, we will experience side effects such as brain fog, loss of mental clarity, feeling bloated, have acne and trouble sleeping.

Also, eliminating stressors can be difficult when time is of the essence and we are being pulled in many directions.

I recommend simplifying our lives, schedules and relationships as much as possible in order to feel healthy and happy!

We can do things such as cook simple meals, get rid of clutter, don’t over commit and learn to say no.

Effects of stress

Our immune systems will be directly affected by stress, causing us to become sick easier and pick up viruses and bacterium much more so then if we kept them boosted.

I recommend a product I have taken for immune boosting function, called Monolaurin.

I took the product twice a day, one cap in the morning and one at night to help keep my immunities up to fight off any “bad bugs” and I honestly did not get sick and felt amazing!

Self care

Lastly, exercising self care is not a selfish act, in my opinion it is the most important thing we can do to feel the most vibrant and be successful in all areas of our lives.

Taking care of ourselves includes, surrounding ourselves with healthy people, eating a clean diet, exercising, dressing appropriately, choosing professions that matter to us and ones we love, having a spiritual connection to a higher power, learning forgiveness and gratitude and finally, creating mental filters to any negativity attempting to break through your life and mind.


All of the things I have mentioned will give you a recipe for a super healthy mind and much happier life.

Learning to take care of ourselves and feed our minds with good vibes and thoughts will definitely be mind blowing to what you create!

Always be authentically yourself and learn to step into your power and take massive action for powerful results, you will be rewarded immensely and feel much different!

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