Do you know who Anthony Robbins is?

If not, don’t worry, I didn’t know either. However I am currently reading one of his best selling books where he talks openly about his personal battle with being overweight.

He mentions how he was extremely overweight and how he realized all he needed to do was observe and model people who were thin, find out what they ate, how they ate, what they thought, what their beliefs were, and he could produce the same results.


Drop those who are pulling you back

He made me think about past articles where I talk about how important is to leave “crab” people behind and continue with your fitness journey.

Crabs have a tendency to pull another crab back.

When fishermen catch crabs they put them in a bucket. And becasue they want space they attempt to climb up to the top but all the time others pull them down. Sound familiar?

Many people do the same with others who try to succeed in their weight loss program

There are many reasons. Some people are lazy and don’t want you to be progressing because they don’t want to be left behind. Others simply don’t want to lose you and since you are adopting different habits they feel that you are spending less time with them.

Their reasoning usually is not about supporting you.

This makes me think about the people who we spend time with. Are they people of progression or are they time wasters?

We all model other people. Subconsciously we model our peers, co-workers, families and celebrities.

Negative people pull us down from our success, but even then we also model them making our positive change even harder.

negativity_2This behavior keeps us in the comfort zone, gets us used to the negativity and it is hard for us to see a success.

Have you heard about the 100 Monkeys Effect?

There were 100 monkeys that couldn’t cut open coconuts. They traveled from their region and found another troop of monkeys whom they saw breaking coconuts by smashing them against rocks.

The impossible mission to cut open the coconuts was now possible for them. People see events impossible until they find others succeeding in the impossible event. It is the same in human endeavour. It’s a fact that once somebody breaks a barrier – the Four Minute Mile, swimming the English Channel etc – then very quickly others follow…

Do you want to succeed in your weight loss and fitness journey?

Presumably you do. Then stop modeling people who have negative habits, cut the “crab” out of your life, and model people who have been successful in their weight loss and fitness goals.

Do you want to know how experienced people do it? Do you need models to follow?

You can follow family or friends who are self-motivated, already following a healthy lifestyle and start making plan with them. Another idea is to go to the gym, find a fit person and interview them.

You could also visit your local gym and meet people who are on the way to achieving their goals or have already achieved them.

Does it sound easy enough for you to get to your fitness goals? The reason why it sounds easy is because it is. Act upon your knowledge. Action is what makes people successful in attaining their weight and fitness goals.

Committed to your happiness and wealth-being.

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