“Let the dogs bark, Sancho. It’s a sign that we are on track.” – Don Quixote

As we travel along our journey to success, there will be many people who support us. They believe in us, and we are like-minded. All of us strive to progress and become better each and every day.

They understand that your success is due to your hard work and dedication because they are also in the same boat.


Be aware of negativity

Nevertheless, the truth is that at the same time we find people who are not happy with our decisions, and they may be jealous of our success.

They talk negatively about us and they find even the smallest mistake and try to blow it out of proportion.

They don’t like it when you have achieved what they can’t achieve for themselves. Since they don’t want to put in the effort to get what you have achieved, it is easier for them to start saying negative things about your effort.

And a lot of their talk will be behind your back. They like to hide and sometimes are anonymous of their actions.

Don’t pay attention to the negative talk

It is important to respect people’s opinion about your success and what they think about you.

The truth is, it is only an opinion of their perception.

However, it is not okay to let their talking affect your actions and your desire for success. Remember that their goal is not to see you succeed. This is the reason they put a lot of negative energy into their words and gossip.

Don’t let negative people discourage you from getting what you want.

negative people_2Many of my clients, my friends and even I have had experiences with people who always find a way to talk negatively about our success. I bet you’ll run across people like this, too.

The problem is not what these people have to say. The problem can be in how you take their words and what you do about it.

These people are here to stay and they are going nowhere. Therefore don’t pay attention to what they have to say about your success and what they say about you when you are not around.

Fly high like an eagle!

Has been a while since I read how the eagle defeats its big enemy – the crow. Joel Osteen does an amazing job re-enacting the event. When an eagle gets attacked by the crows, the eagle can’t attack each individual crow because all attack the eagle from different directions at the same time.

However, the eagle can fly high where the crow can’t fly, so all the eagles has to do is soar high into the sky where the crows can’t  reach, leaving them far behind.

Unfortunately we are going to have to deal with dog barking and crows attacking from all directions. You have the ability to understand why the dogs are barking and fly higher than the crows, just like the eagle does.

Continue with your goals, let the dogs bark and fly high leaving those crows behind!

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