From the phone to the changing rooms at the gym, even a girls night in and a boys night out, we will often get onto the topic of peoples sizes and proportions.

It’s an age old debate that starts from the playground as kids. When someone called you, or someone else ‘fatty!’ Fast forward and the same thing are still happening today.

So what size is normal?


A negative image

Today I’m going to cover, what could be the influence, of making us feel like there is a normal size, and some of the dangers with the quest for it.

This is a subject that affects men and women, but why?

You could say it’s the media and fashion world, but what is it that’s makes us measure ourselves to this image of so called normal size? We have to concede that we all at some point have looked at ourselves in the mirror.

We start to imagine what we want to see looking back at us.

Smaller this, bigger that, longer this, longer that. So if you can, think back to when you first did that. That’s probably the moment you gained an image from somewhere and questioned yourself.

Most of us go along just fine with these moments. However some find themselves on a quest to look like they imagined.

An edited image

So you may go to the gym, take up jogging or go on a diet. On top of that you in a world surrounded by other image conscious people, fuelling the fire.

It’s important to say that some of the images that we see of people these days that are described as having normal sized bodies, have suffered some form of abuse to look that way. It could be good old Photoshop, over dieting, excessive gym training or synthetic supplements that make that body appear that way.

We all want to feel happy with our size most of the time we do. However some women will always wish they were a different size or had certain other features in a different proportion. On the other hand, men crave those broad shoulders and the six pack.

Is success linked to size?

Recently I was reading a report that suggested the men and women received, dependant on their height or weight different opportunities in the workplace. It claimed that men who were taller were favoured more and if women were the slimmer they would be favoured over another woman who was larger.

negative body image_2A bad perception

It’s easy to see how one can be made to feel inadequate based on their size.

We see all over the world through media and our normal lives, how men who are taller with muscle, would be more desired than a man who is shorter and out of shape.

A woman, who has a slim waist, shaped legs, breasts and firm shaped butt, would be more desired than a women who carries a few more pounds not so well endowed.

It’s impossible to ignore the media and it’s certainly harder to avoid people.

‘Normal’ has no measure

The reality is we constantly bombarded by images of style, fashion, physique and acceptance. The danger is that it becomes a trap for some.

They start believing if they were a certain size they will be more successful.

This can drive people down some dangerous roads, just to fit a perception.

Apart from certain health checks for example your BMI or blood sugar levels; there are no other measures of a normal size that your life depends on. Your medical professional will not have a size that they can tell you is normal. They will often just encourage exercise if you need to lose weight for clinical reasons.

So what is a normal size?

The reality is there is no size that is normal for everyone, unless you’re a person required for a specific job, or tasks that require particular sized individuals.

You may be pleased or not to know, that your size at this moment is normal. I say that in a relative meaning.

Your size is a reflection of how you live.

It’s a reflection on how and what you eat, drink and how much exercise you do. Your size is also a statement of how much you sleep.

Create a new normal

How can I create a new normal size for myself?

Well you can start by reading more of my articles along with my fellow expert’s right here at Take charge, seek and follow advice that is realistic and achievable.

You must:

1. Acquire and practice eating a balanced and well thought out meal plan.

2. Exercise regularly for example gym training, circuit training or other leisure activities such as bike riding, swimming or other fitness training programs.

3. Stop smoking and limit excessive consumption of alcohol.

4. Get adequate sleep, approximately 8 hours per day.

5. Drink water minimum 2 litres more if active.

The best size to be is the size you make for yourself when you are living an active healthy life.

What you make comes from what you do. I challenge anyone who follows my guide and also adding more of my good practices, will never feel inadequate or start chasing someone else’s perception of normal. Just add it to your working life, you will be surprised.

Leave the negativity behind, get positive, get active because, who wants to be normal anyway?

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