Your mind is you!

What an interesting subject and I think perhaps some people will look at it and think, of course I am one with my mind, my mind is me”.

That seems like an entirely sensible reaction. However, it is not strictly true.


Many years ago it was thought that the mind was a separate entity and that we had no say in what happened in our lives, and science and ‘mind stuff’ were two very separate entities.

But luckily for us over time it has been proved that in fact we have total control over our mind and if that scares you, well so be it!

What is the Law of Vibration?

People talk a lot about the Law of Attraction but what actually comes first is the Law of Vibration.

This one works alongside the Law of Attraction and what we do know is that our thoughts and the words we use, not just out loud but also to ourselves, are very important.

In fact those words we use to ourselves, that inner voice produces emotions which in turn create action, or sometimes inaction.

Let me explain…

When your thoughts are in high vibration you feel good, energetic, happy – and so you take action. When your thoughts are in low vibration you feel bad.  So sometimes you’ll take no action at all because you feel lethargic, unhappy.

So you have to be very careful about your thoughts because they become your emotions.

So as I say if you’re thinking negative or unhappy thoughts that can so often turn into worry which leads to fear which leads to that little old devil called procrastination.  And then bugger all happens!

Actually that’s not strictly true. What in fact happens is you go backwards.

Because as you know life is not static, change is occurring all the time, like it or not. So it pays to have good vibrations.

And how do you do that?

mindful meditation_2Well firstly you take control of your thoughts because being at one with your mind is so important I can’t stress this enough.

It becomes your outcomes, your manifestations, your relationships, your health, your money, your career, yes… your life.

When you learn what to do to take charge and become one with your mind, you’ll realise what an easy process it is and how beneficial to everything in your world.

Except the weather, you can’t control the weather it just is, so you can leave that bit alone. The rest we can control.

Being one with your mind I think is a lovely concept

Don’t the words make you feel calm and peaceful? They certainly have that effect on me.

Mindful meditation is allowing the Universe to take care of you.  Believing in better and knowing that whatever is going on in your life will be for everyone’s highest good.

Now that doesn’t mean you can be lazy and not do anything. It’s like this…

Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life and once you get that, life will be a lot smoother.

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