Lets set the scene, its Final Day you’re waiting to compete, you’re shrouded in darkness towel over your head everything has built up to this moment. The culmination of all the hard work you dedicate to competing.

Can you imagine whats going through that persons head, can you imagine being in their shoes.

Now picture walking-out…


Do you succeed or do you fail, win or lose?

The difference between those who win and lose comes down to varying factors but in my opinion the mentality of the individual plays a massive part in that success.

You may say well what does this guy know about it…well I played soccer, rugby, ran and did martial arts not only that but I tried my hand at varying sports over the years and I follow many many more.

Nowadays I like to take the mental toughness I developed into the gym with me and everything else I do in life.

So what do we mean by mental toughness?

Well its the ability to handle bad situations to progress through the hardest of training and to not lose the winning edge even when all seems lost.

For me its the difference between someone who will keep going and someone who will give up.

I never made it beyond semi professional levels and at a young age I was injured, throughout all the other sports I dabbled in over the years and all the other injuries I never gave up. Even now in the training room I don’t give up and neither should you.

Sports differ: some are team some are individual

The metal toughness needed for both is the same but I do feel team sports make it easier on the individual as you have others to help with making you perform at your best.

Most people who read this article wont be competing at high levels in sport or maybe not in any sport.

So why read on?

Well why would you not some of the most successful people on the planet were involved in sports. Mental toughness in their sports and their lives made them the people they are.

mental toughness in sports_5One of the best examples currently of this type of person would be Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). At one point had almost no money left, back down to his last few $s and still became one of the most iconic people on the planet.

Mental toughness of The Rock

His training as draining as his regime is, as hard is it would be for the average person to keep up has made him a WWE Wrestling Superstar to a Hollywood movie record breaker.

He is undoubtedly talented and charismatic but the sheer toughness he has to get the win every time is undeniable and that showed no more than in his match with John Cena at Wrestlemania.

He ripped his abdomen clean apart and still continued and finished the match not only that but soon afterward had to portray the hero Hercules on the movie screen. Most would’ve postponed, not him he had surgery and trained to be in the best shape for the movie and it showed in the film.

It was nothing but mental toughness that gets you through something like that first of all to walk out for the biggest match of his career after not wrestling for a long time to then having nowhere to hide his body that was on display for movie goers worldwide all while having serious injuries.

Champions are made of this kind of mental toughness.

For me I visualise what I want to become, I see it and I make it happen, I become a warrior, I become obsessed, I see myself victorious, I feel the victory and smell it. I hear my peers congratulating me (or me and my teammates) I know this is my destiny and I go out and make it happen.

Soon, I become a warrior, I become obsessed, I see myself victorious, I feel the victory and smell it.

I hear my peers congratulating me (or me and my teammates) I know this is my destiny and I go out and make it happen.

When you truly believe in your end goal and use that mental toughness who will be able to stop you?

I truly believe I’m destined for more in everything I do and I train all facets of my life towards this, my mentality and vision for success drives me, motivates me and ultimately makes me be the best I can be.

Without the mental toughness to endure I will never see my goals come true. Are you tough enough to see your goals come true?

Everyday is Final Day and its time to go out and perform, will you win or will you lose?

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