The direct correlation between some mental health illnesses and physical health are very strong.

You may or may not have been affected by this.Most of us who have suffered from a mental illness or are suffering find it really hard to come to terms with our  illness as we may be struggling to fully accept our condition.

Perhaps you have a full-blown disorder like me (Bi Polar) OR perhaps you’ve had days where you just haven’t really felt yourself.


Let me explain…

My mental health

I have managed my mental health with my exercise and physical movement for many years. It is one thing that I find interesting – how my physical body changes in its abilities from one mood to the other.

I can physically feel the symptoms of depression in my body.

It is like my whole body slows down. A weight comes over you, which is hard to lift.

This causes tiredness, and means that I am unable to lift as heavy weights or train with the usual intensity. Everything goes numb, digestive system slows down.  For some it can lead to comfort eating which leads to weight gain. This then leads to a vicious cycle.


Emotion can be held within the body that can lead to muscular aches. Especially if you are anxious you can get a lot of headaches, which are related to your posture due to your shoulders being up around your neck.

This causes a tightness in your muscles that need relaxing.

As I mentioned even mild stress can cause physical symptoms too and these will be similar to what I have written above.

mental illness impact on physical health_2The physical

However on the flip side when things go manic for me I will have all the strength in the world! It’s the best way to escape from all the  emotions that are in my head.

The physical gives me a spring in my step; and my body feels alive and tingly! 

This is great as it gives me happiness and makes me feel more relaxed and in one peace.

I have no aches and pains, my metabolism runs better, I am able to push harder for longer and increase the intensity of my workouts.

Things feel great! I feel strong and powerful.

But this comes with it’s fall backs because what goes up…you guessed it… must come down. And the physical imppact of that was discussed above.

Step back and gain some perspective

Sometimes we can get carried away with life and get aches and pains, stomach pains and feeling sluggish. It is in these cases that sometimes we need to take a little time and get some perspective and look at what is really happening, not just in our physical body but our mental one too.

Most people do not realise how much our brain affects the body and the physical activity that we do, and if this is left for too long without being looked at it deteriorates our mental state from bad to worse.

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