Getting in touch with your inner self and finding positive energy and tranquility has never been more important than in these days of hurly-burly stresses, strains and concerns

So here is a simple but valuable meditation technique you can master in just 15 minutes. You can do this at home, while travelling on public transport or even at work.

Meditation for Soul Cleanse. Here’s How…


– Sit in a comfortable chair or crossed-legged on the floor on a cushion. Make sure you are comfy.
– Take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Every outward breath is releasing built-up negativity, while every inward breath attracts love and gratitude.
– Imagine that your whole body, every single element and cell is breathing altogether. (This helps draw cosmic energy.)

Embrace the Power of Music

Everything living is a vibration and music is the most immediate and accessible form of this. Sound vibrations stir our inner being.

Play spiritual music such as hymns and chants as and when you can. Listen to this music while you are working out or jogging; your mind wouldn’t wander then. If you think you can’t generate the required intensity through this music while working out, you are wrong. There are some seriously dramatic, stirring and powerful hymns for example!

As I have directed a Tina Turner Musical three times I have done extensive research on her musical catalogue. Many might not realise this but her recent work is in the category World Music. Her two albums ‘Children Beyond’ & ‘Love Within’ are truly beautiful. She fuses together Christian prayer with Buddhist chanting and includes sounds from all around the globe.


When it comes to a soundtrack for a meditation for soul cleanse, I specifically love ‘A Spiritual message from Tina’. You can find this on YouTube and I wholeheartedly encourage you to check it out.

Be Around Nature

There’s no greater truism than ‘Mother Nature knows best’. Invest in making your living zone a green area by including plant life and planting trees. Try and get yourself out for nature walks when you can and fill your lungs with the air and energy. This is a simple but effective way to connect with nature.

The earth element has the capacity to take away negativity.

Surround Yourself with Vibrant Colours 

Colour therapy is becoming better understood and more popular all the time. It works on the basis of colours emitting vibrations that affect our psyche. Eg:

Yellow = confidence

Red = security

Orange = emotional balance

Blue= communication and intuition.

Explore its benefits in daily life. We are surrounded by colour all the time and barely notice it, so there are countless ways you can ‘play’ with this; change your drapes, bed sheets, pillow covers and suchlike with primary colours or any colour that makes you happy.

Light coloured candles. And who doesn’t love candles! Wear more vibrant shades and hues. Choose your outfits based on how you want to feel and what you want to project.

I am a huge fan of my Mood Ball Lamp and thoroughly recommend getting hold of one if you don’t possess such a thing already. I often set it to an indigo which really works for me and helps promote stillness & relaxation.

Embrace The Love of a Child

Children are just bursting with a natural and unaffected energy. Tap into this when you can as it is a truly glorious thing. Time spent playing with and chatting to chlldren is energizing, uplifting and sometimes even mind altering. Kids can very quickly get you to see life in a different way and remind us what it was like to be that way ourselves – however many years ago it was!

In Part 2 I will reveal the remaining hints and tips to help you towards the most rewarding and effective meditation for soul cleanse. Come back soon!

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