Meditation doesn’t have to conjure up journeys to the top of a Himalayan Mountain to find inner bliss and peace. It is far more immediate and accessible than that!

Meditation can simply be a time to chill, to take a respite from the stress and pressures of daily life. By taking these more focused time-outs every day, you can benefit in a multitude of ways; physically, mentally and emotionally.

These periods of deliberate quiet can help activate the relaxation response in your body and mind which is essential for optimal health, wellbeing and performance.


Regular meditation allows you to see reality as it is

It helps you to find solutions where you might have only seen problems in a stressed-out, anxiety-prone state of mind.

In fact scientific studies have shown that meditative techniques create a marked change in brainwave patterns which can produce long-term healing effects. Since stress has become the root cause of many imbalances and illnesses, it seems obvious that by taking a conscious break from stressful periods, you can calm and balance the entire nervous system.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits…

12 Major Meditation Health Benefits:

1. Reduces stress hormones in the body

2. Heart rate is slowed

3. Blood pressure is reduced

4. Restores balance in the autonomic nervous system

5. Activates self-regulating relaxation “feel good” hormones

6. Improves mood and self-confidence

7. Activates an integrated state of being, unifying mind, body and spirit

8. Creates peace and harmony

9. Activates renewal and rejuvenation

10. Retards premature ageing

11. Induces more restful sleep

12. Boosts the immune system and promotes healing

Ancient sages recommended at least two daily periods of meditation for 20 minutes

Early in the morning when the sun’s energies rise between 4-6am and late in the day between 4-7pm are the ideal time frames. However modern scientists have found that basic recovery from the stress response can occur in just a few minutes.

The body’s built-in biological stress response – the “fight or flight” state – activates the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenal which speed up the heart rate and breathing. This response to danger was meant for short bursts of activity to survive from predators. But in today’s tumultuous lifestyles, the stress is unrelenting.

What neuroscientists are finding is that we can stop the stress intentionally for brief periods of time every day in order to recuperate and allow the body and mind to relax and recuperate. While the yogic approach is extremely beneficial for longevity and human wellbeing, even 3-minute “time-outs” sprinkled throughout the day can have important health and performance effects.

meditation health benefits

 What are the health benefits if you meditate for a month?

By setting a daily routine of stilling your body and mind, you condition yourself to experience the relaxation response and you begin to crave the good feelings it delivers. By doing it for a month, you may find that meditation becomes a positive habit.

It takes a minimum of 21 days to form new patterns and so by committing to doing meditation regularly, you cultivate it as a very productive part of your lifestyle.

People who meditate for a minimum of 30 days report that they have more energy and vitality. They function from a place of calmness even in the midst of turmoil or crisis. As a result, they make better decisions, their relationships are more harmonious and they generally feel more peaceful and productive.

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