How many times have you got on the scales either at home, at the health club or in the doctor’s office?

What are the first thoughts that come through your head when you are about to get on the scale? Are all pounds equal when it comes to improving physical appearance and health?

Keep your focus away from the scales


People usually focus in different areas, some focus on the scale, others on the difficulties of their new habits and others in old and new goals. When people only focus on the scale and don’t pay attention in their new habits and other changes, sometimes they end up dropping their weight loss program because they don’t see the scale change.

Body composition assessments are very important in a weight loss program

There are many ways of assessing body compositions, bioelectronical impedance, hydrostatic weighing, infrared body composition analysis, skinfold are some examples.

All have different costs and some are more accurate it than others.  Choosing a body composition assessment method comes down to preference availability, cost and beliefs.

My point here is to find a way to do a body composition assessment and here are the reasons why:

The results are not on the scales

When some of my clients focus on the scale, they become discouraged because they see a little or no change on the scale. However, usually they tell me that their clothes fits better, looser on the waist and shoulders.

Body composition vs numbers on a scale_2

Even though is not applicable for everyone, most of them, are losing fat and gaining muscle, reason why they weigh the same and the body is shaping to a smaller size. We, as a society, have an illusion about scale’s expectations even though we are already seeing results that can be measure in other ways.

Don’t be afraid of weight lifting

Many women are afraid of weight lifting because of many myths in society. I had many clients who were afraid of getting “muscular,” but as soon as they see their body taking form and toning, there worries are gone and they push more.

Weight loss is not what we should focus on

The first areas that we should be focusing on are habits and lifestyle changes. Ones we understand that, we need to focus on losing fat, not weight.

For some people the scale changes drastically. For others, is periodically small. It all depends in the levels of fat and muscle that the body has and the metabolism of the body. In addition, don’t forget that as we age, less muscle and more fat the body tends lose and gain.

Simply weighing a person does not tell us anything about their body composition

Thus, a muscular individual may have a higher weight but less fat compared to a “healthy weight” individual. Focusing on weight loss as an indicator of improved fat loss has a similar limitation. By developing healthier living patterns, one’s body composition may change.

This may result in a loss of body fat, a slight increase in muscle mass, a smaller waistline with little or no change in body weight. Therefore, relax if you don’t see any changes on the scale and continue changing your lifestyle.

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