Male and female brains are different and for some great physical and scientific reasons…I’ve never read the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

I never understood some of the male and female figurative bashing and prefer to seek to understand the difference and why we have them.

It’s all in the mind

I have done some research into men and women why they think and act differently and although this is mainly in relation to health and weight loss for me personally, our brains operate differently for very good reasons.

When you understand this, it may help you understand not only your clients but your partners, family and children much more.

Research has revealed major differences between the male and female brains.

Hunters vs Gatherers

There are of course exceptions to every rule and as with everything there is never a “one size” fits all approach but a few things to think about typically men are the “hunters.”

The men’s task was to focus on one thing: finding food for their family and they needed to be very focused on this. Women were the “gatherers,” the home makers and the ones that nurtured the family.

Please take this as a general genetic make -up my intention is not to offend anyone or be sexist in any way but I think the more we understand the way that our brains work the easier it is to understand and work with people of the opposite gender.

Grey and white matter

The four part four parts of the brain that are generally studied are the processing, chemistry, structure and activity.

The differences show up everywhere in the world but as mentioned this is a general rule, you may find girls who are more focussed or boys who are more sensitive and no way is better or worse.

Male brains tend to use more gray matter and female brains use more white matter.

The gray matter is the information and action part of the brain and this creates tunnel vision and men typically get deeply engrossed in one thing.

Oxytocin and testosterone

So if you ask the men in your life, family, partners, clients to do something, let them do it, do it well and only then ask them to do something else.

White matter is the networking grid and this enables females to switch more quickly from one task to another, they also tend to have language functioning on both side of the brain., so it may be easier for them to follow a series of instructions rather than just one instruction at a time.

Females also have different chemistry in the brain. Men tend to have less oxytocin which is a bonding-relationship chemical, but they have more testosterone, the sex and aggression chemical.

male and female brain_5The hippocampus

Females also tend to absorb more sensory and emotive information than males do and this is due to a large hippocampus in women, the human memory center and while the brain allows us to think, it also drives our emotions, so the ability to identify and control emotions varies between sexes.

Studies have shown that women may be more adept at encoding facial expression and any voice changes and intonations. However, I do believe that this is a skill that can be learned and improved by both men and women.

The aggression center

Women tend to be more intuitive and better at controlling outbursts than men as the section in the brain that is used to control aggression and anger responses are larger in women than in men.

Some people believe that the brain variations between the sexes are for the best.

 Whilst I believe that we have some differences for a reason, I truly believe that we can train our brains, we can nurture and enhance what nature has given us.


One thing I learned in relation to the difference between men and women that has really helped me is that men do not have as wide a peripheral vision as women do.

This is because men are “designed” to focus on one thing at a time so when men look for things they tend to only see what is right in front of them and not what is in their peripheral vision.

If you are a women, have you ever been annoyed that the men in your life can’t seem to find what they are looking for, you can always find it but they just don’t seem to see it and in reality this is because they can’t they are not designed that way.

So it is interesting to note what the differences are and that they do exist.

Understanding one another

The more we can understand and work with rather than against those differences the more peace and greater connections we will have in all our relationships business and personal.

I would love to hear from you and what you think about our differences, does understanding these difference help you?

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