Ever felt like you couldn’t get that certain someone out of your mind and they continuously keep taking up so much of your time in thoughts? 

Are you obsessed with someone and they are all you can think about day and night because the thought of them makes you so excited.  Does a certain someone give you the warm and fuzzies just thinking of their scent, clothing options and the way they speak and smile?

I like to call this “having love on the brain”.   Let me provide you with some reasons why our brains keep some people on our minds a lot longer than others and how this process occurs!


For some people having love on our brains can be a deterrent and for others it can be an amazing way to stay happy!

We all fall in love for completely different reasons

We also fall out of love for completely different reasons!  Can you relate?

There are some individuals that we meet that automatically have us turned on, intellectually stimulated by conversations, spiritually yoked, and you just “gel” with each other, they have the same style of clothing you do, you laugh together, enjoy the same extracurricular activities and the list goes on and on.

love on the brain_2

These are instantaneous attractions that usually keep us connected to others in an emotionally highly – spirited euphoric way thus in return making us an instant magnet to these types of particular people.

Often times we fall in love with these people, even if they once were just our friends because our attractions and likes are so similar we enjoy a lot of time spent with them physically, emotionally, spiritually and cognitively and the love stays on our brains, almost infatuating reoccurring thoughts.

Now, on the flip side we can be emotionally attached to the wrong people

We can end up loving those that are not good for us. How about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight, that is a perfect example!

Those that get us into trouble and encourage us to make the wrong decisions that get us off our path and have us addicted to chaos and drama and that type of “love” also stays on our minds creating feelings for us that keep us attached but for the wrong reasons.

These types of people can be known as rebels, the naysayers or just those that try to defy the norms looking for reactions in others.  Whatever category you fit into the outcome is still the same because attraction breeds attraction and we are all significantly stimulated by different stimuli.

We are all unique individuals and must learn from our own mistakes in whom we fall in love with in allowing them to keep their love on our brains.

My suggestion is to have healthy boundaries so you don’t become so preoccupied with others that you forget to love yourself and love for the right reasons.  Just be you and the love you are seeking in a mate will be attracted back to you and hopefully will be long lasting!

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