Oliver Thompson has carved an impressive career working with groups, authorities and large corporations.

His proven methods, teachings and guidance are designed to maximise output, performance and efficiency – getting the best from individuals and generating optimum team performance.

Mapping Excellence is the best way to focus, goal set and pursue your targets based on tried, tested and proven methods. One of the key activities in great coaching is the modelling of people who are recognised (by their peers) as being excellent in some field of activity in such a way as to identify what they do that gives them such remarkable results.


When these differences have been identified they can be communicated to other people who can study them and then learn to perform with a similar level of skill and excellence with the end goal of also achieving degrees of excellence.

learning a new skill_2

Having said that, the person learning a new skill must have the necessary aptitude and be willing to carry out the necessary self-development. Without this commitment and application the whole process is derailed from the outset.

In other words, whilst it is easy enough to identify and model the activity of a world class sprinter, for example, a person who has only one leg, or is severely overweight or who refuses to take any physical exercise, is simply not going to be able to translate the modelled information into a personal skill.

Workout: In this exercise simply list 12 traits, skills or aptitudes that would allow you to improve in your role and set you on the path to the excellence that you desire.

Then complete the 3 questions to truly evaluate the relevant importance, awareness and actions for making these qualities available and part of your new mapped awareness. Give these careful consideration and apply absolute honesty at all times.

Trait/ Skills/ Aptitude Why is it important? What it will give you? Where can I find it? Who do I know possesses it? How can I use it? What is the 1st step for implementation?

Final Point: It is always important to evaluate your activities and the results you find. This allows you to digest the findings and reflect on how you have truly embraced the development areas. Use these questions to help support your new learning.

What results  have you discovered?
What challenges did you face? 
What have you learnt from the exercises? 
How has possessing these new traits improved YOU?

Oliver Thompson will be writing a series of features here for WatchFit. Keep up with his articles each month when the hugely experienced corporate trainer & coach applies his proven expertise and knowledge to the wider world of goal-setting, organisation, self improvement and achievement of personal excellence.

“The interesting thing for me here is that I can show how the principles, guidance and teachings that I have shown work in even the biggest business environments can transfer and translate to the individual who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or develop a more positive outlook. My approach is always to be stimulating, exciting, creative and constantly outcome focussed.”

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