Have you every felt like you were drowning in life or your head was just above water, with erratic emotions flowing, piled up debt, failed relationships, lack of resources, low mental clarity and unable to focus on your goals and everyone had given up on you?

What about if you experienced a death, divorce or lost your child? All that pain begins to stack up and when the pain for you gets great enough, will you do something different?

Everyone hits rock bottom for different reasons

Most success stories have been built on the bricks others have thrown at them and horribly failed life experiences. Our pain becomes one of life’s greatest blessings in disguise throughout these kinds of experiences.

When we have nowhere else to turn we HAVE to think of ways to grow and build ourselves better than the way we first began.

We must find the powerful knowledge we need and count on others to show us a better way. If we don’t move on from the side effects and destruction that pain has caused us, we will remain stuck and become victims of all that we endured and carry that pain with us wherever we go.

Learn from the past

The best gift we can give ourselves in the process of pain filled situations is to allow the pain to teach us to do better, make wiser choices, look for red flags when they arise and know when people are not good for us.

Pain should equal quick action and that in return will hopefully cause, positive reactions.

If you are going through a hardship and didn’t have any food to feed your children, I am sure you would take the necessary steps in going to a food bank for free grocery items, apply for food stamps and ask family and friends to help you.

learn from the past_2The reason you took action is because the pain of not having food would equal you and your children not getting anything to eat, potentially leading to starvation.

The same would be if you were homeless and you needed to seek shelter immediately.

Your pain teaches you to do something about your devastations

If you had no money and lost your job, you would contact the unemployment office and begin searching for jobs and working wherever you could to make ends meet for your family.

Pain teaches us to become humble, to rely on God for Faith in all areas of our life, to ask for help when we need it, have some humility, to become vulnerable, speak up and allow others to know our life situations so they can grow and learn from us, and do the impossible.

Survival mode

When we must be strong and are pushed to our limits, only then can we see our true potentials because we go into survival mode and for most of us that is an uncomfortable place to be.

Being uncomfortable allows us to see what we are made of and to experience fear based problems to come up with solutions that were probably needed all along.

I know pain is no fun and we feel all sorts of emotions when we are faced with painful things. Just know, this too shall pass and you are stronger than you know and are capable of handling anything life throws your way.

I believe in you and it’s about time you believe in yourself! Step into your power and take massive action for powerful results!

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