So this is for people in the Northern Hemisphere, where the clocks have recently gone back and, as a result, Winter starts to find its identity.  It gets dark at 4.45 in the afternoon And doesn’t get light until about 7.30/8am. And the sky can be grey all day, and on such days it never really seems to get light at all.

I’m not painting a pretty picture am I? Nope, I’m not. I don’t mean to be too bleak but…

The winter blues are here!

This is the truth and we’ve got this for a while so you need to find out how to combat these feelings.

And too often you just want to eat lots of unhealthy food and be a couch potato. Sitting in, watching TV and not do a thing, layering on the Winter fat and just waiting for Spring next April!

Well sorry you can’t do that. You’re not a bear and you can’t hibernate!

Lots of people (me included) suffer from something called SAD – seasonal affective disorder.

In order to avoid this, you have to do things that make you feel good, be with people that make you feel good and eat stuff that makes you feel good – not sluggish or tired.

So here are some recommendations that I hope will help.

Firstly we have light

If getting out of bed is a nightmare because it’s so dark – the first thing you need is some light therapy.

keep winter blues away_2
There are various types on the market. These lights aid your body clock with bright light and claim to not only help you to feel more awake in the morning, but lift your mood, energy and productivity all day. They also help you to feel ready for sleep when it’s time for bed.

If your symptoms are really bad then invest in one it’ll be worth it.

Exercise can be another mood lifter

Going to the gym, getting those limbs and muscles pumping can really affect how you feel.

Rather than putting on the pounds through the winter months you could end up with a pumped body that will be beach ready before anyone else!

It’s a well known fact that gym memberships always increase at the beginning of January but by the middle of February they’ve gone down dramatically.  And that’s because people always have these ‘New Year resolutions’ to be fit or lose weight after the holiday festivities but their ‘will power’ doesn’t last very long.

Adjust your mindset

You see I don’t believe in willpower.  What I do believe in is mindset and the way to improve mindset is to change your thinking. You can only do that by putting into place ideas that empower rather than dis-empower you.

Negative thinking never got anyone the new love, the new career, the new body, the extra money.

By changing the way you think about things you can totally change your life.

I teach people all the time about how they can improve what is currently happening with them. It all starts with a thought and a thought can be changed. But like anything you have to have the right ‘tools’ to succeed.

You also need someone to help you with it

Athletes have coaches.
Golf pros have coaches.
Actors have coaches.
Successful business people usually have several coaches/mentors.

And the reason for this is that you can’t do this stuff on your own because it’s far too easy to not do anything. Not go to the gym, not keep to the eating regime that is making you fit and healthy, not make the calls that will bring in more business.

You see what a coach and mentor does is put you on the right path.

Make no mistake you do the work but they will push you and challenge you and make you be the best you can possibly be and they are there for you when you don’t believe in yourself – and that’s when it gets really exciting!

Discover how to beat the blues in part 2, published tomorrow.

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