Is stress real?

Stress. That invisible force. I was asking a colleague the other day, just when did the word enter our vernacular the way we know it now? It has been around for a while and yet it seems we are still trying to understand its power and importance!

How do we define stress?

There’s physical stress, emotional stress and mental stress. We know there’s good stress and bad stress. All stress must be processed and managed. We must move it out if we want it to affect us in a positive way. Otherwise it sticks around and wreaks havoc on everything! !

What does the MELT Method teach?

The MELT Method teaches that unmanaged stress gets stuck in the connective tissue system, the fascia matrix of the body that supports, protects and stabilizes every bone, muscle, joint, tendon, ligament, soft tissue and organ system. Over time, this stuck stress affects how we move, how we feel and how we respond to our environment.

How can stress have an effect on you?

It shows up as tension and stiffness in the joints, poor posture and limited range of motion. It shows up as digestive and elimination issues. And it shows up as poor sleep patterns. Down the spectrum, stuck stress shows up as inflammation and chronic pain! !

A healthier nervous system can help.

Stress off all kinds, internal and external, triggers the nervous system. A healthy nervous system easily moves between the stress response (sympathetic) and the rest/repair response (parasympathetic.) We need a healthy dose and balance of both. Unfortunately, many deal with so much stress that the nervous system is no longer resilient. It sticks in one gear! !

How do we manage stress in a healthy way?

Is Stress Real

Consider Pilates and Yoga.

Simple breath work is an easy way to quiet the mind and nervous system. Any mind/breath/body training is your friend. Examples are: Pilates, yoga and MELT.

The MELT Method

The MELT Method specifically utilizes techniques that re-balance the nervous system, release stuck stress and tension in the joints, and rehydrate important connective tissue for better responsiveness and extensibility. Regular mat work in all modalities improves overall health and mobility! !

How can you get in touch and eliminate stress?

To process mental and emotional stress, it’s recommended one work with a qualified and supportive therapist or healthcare professional. But I also believe in the power of the physical and spiritual portals. In other words, physical activity can release the hold that mental or emotional stress may have. Take a walk, run, or ride in nature, even if it’s around the block.

Breathe energy into your life.

Connect to the breath and notice how the energy changes. Through movement, you may find the answer to your question or solution to a difficult problem. Regular movement and exercise improves our outlook and how we think and feel. It moves the energy through! So does regular spiritual practice.

Stress is very real and no one gets a pass. What are your tools in dealing with it? May you choose ones that are holistic and healthy. May they lift and empower all you do.

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