I hate Mondays

Well the first Monday of the year, 4th January, was probably the worst of all. Let’s face it you’ve been chilling out, enjoying yourself with friends and family and got into a totally different routine.

Getting up later for a start is one of the reasons

You probably don’t get enough sleep during the week, going to bed late and getting up early (especially in the winter months when it’s dark until around 8am) and if you weren’t working between Christmas and New Year you would have had a possible stretch of 10 days

Your body clock has got totally out of sync

When it comes to the weekend you possibly sleep later.

You’re more likely to be relaxed and that makes Monday morning even harder to get up because although it’s only been two days that you’ve changed your routine your body has got used to the new schedule.

During the weekend things are more relaxed.  You’re far more likely to have a late lunch or perhaps no lunch and a big dinner.

You’ll have been sociable, doing things at your own pace rather than someone else’s.

So when Monday comes around, even if you work for yourself you have to focus and concentrate and work to a timetable   So your mind has to be sharp and prepared for whatever comes up.

A weekend could well involve eating and drinking  maybe more than usual or different foods, and a Monday is the most likely day of the week to start a diet or give up smoking.

What you ‘should’ and ‘ought’ to do

People see Monday as the day to change because it is the start of the working week.

i hate mondays_2You could just as easily start your new eating regimen on Wednesday but you won’t.

Also if you think about actually starting a diet or giving up smoking or going to the gym and it happens on a Monday you’re not going to have a very positive feeling about that day.

It’s the thing about ‘should’ and ‘ought’.

The word ‘should’ implies duty – You should start a diet, you should give up smoking, you should go to the gym.

The word ‘ought’ gives you choice – It gives you the freedom to decide, you can if you want to.

One of the things about Mondays can be that you don’t like your job.

The worst thing about that is by Sunday afternoon you could be already dreading Monday morning.  And that’s not a good place to be because quite simply you cannot continue wasting your free time worrying or dreading the next day.  That is such a waste.

Several things you can do to combat Monday-itus

And all of them start with your mind- set. Yes even hating your job.

Words are very powerful especially the words you use to yourself.

If you keep saying “I hate this job” or “I hate my boss” or “I’m fat” or any other negative words then you’ll just get more of that in your life.

– Your job will not get better
– You won’t lose weight
– Your relationships will continue to go downhill
– Your money situation will get worse
– You’ll continue to hate Mondays

And frankly life is too short to be in that place.

Discover more ways to conquer Monday-itus in Part 2 of my article tomorrow.. 

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