The brain is an organ that simply cannot be ignored

It runs all the activities of the body just like a car engine. And what it requires in turn is proper care that includes the food that you eat what you feed the brain including all the information that you take in. Aside from this, it requires rest from the strains of overworking and too much stress caused by various human factors.

Strengthen your memory


The main part of a computer is the memory where it stores all its information for its fast and normal functioning. The same applies to the brain which also requires sound memory.

The following are ways in which you can help keep your memory in good working order.

1. Laughter does it all

Some African societies believe that laughing increases your lifespan on earth. They may not have any hard and fast scientific evidence, but the fact appears to be that it keeps the brain and  memory in better shape. Unlike any other emotional feeling, laughter involves all the parts of the brain with a great feeling and makes the brain cells sharper.

No one truly lacks anything to laugh about!

However, if you are struggling to laugh try the following – joke with friends, watch comedy movies, share embarrassing moments and if this doesn’t make you laugh, kindly seek help from psychologist because you don’t want to know how much damage you are causing to your brain and memory!

2. Check on your diet

Most of us eat food for general body health without realizing that the brain also requires nutrients for nourishing the brain cells. However most of the times we take food fit for the brain unknowingly which is a very good thing. Consider the food below:

– Food rich in Omega-3s

Omega fatty acids are a source of energy for the brain cells. The foods containing this are: fish, walnuts, soybeans, broccoli pumpkin, spinach and winter squash.

– Fruits and vegetables

This contains antioxidants that prevent the brain cells from damage. There is quite a variety of fruits that you can take. The examples include: oranges, apples, mangoes, blueberries. Vegetables include kale, cabbage and carrots.

Also, cebria is a food supplement that contains neuropeptides that are the best way to prevent memory loss resulting from aging.

3. Avoid stress

how to prevent memory loss_2
Stress is a great source of the mental problems that many people in the world face. The sources may include: family problems, workplace strain, fellow humans, over-working and education challenges.

Stress, as the word suggests, strains the brain cells resulting in the death of many of them which can eventually lead to early loss of memory. It also destroys the hippocampus region that is responsible for memory control.

It is as tragic as it sounds so take caution and minimize as follows:

– Try a massage at least once in a week
– Set realistic targets
– Take life positively
– Forgive and let go of bitterness
– Let love be your motto
– Exercise

Scientific research shows that meditation relaxes the mind reducing the chances of depression and chronic diseases such as hypertension. Above all it makes the brain more focused and memory sharper.

4. Make your brain busy with new ideas

A normal adult has several neural pathways that enable him/her to coordinate and remember things faster than you can imagine and solve familiar problems so easily. I’m sure most of you have been wondering why it is simple for an adult to deal with simple mathematics than a kid who is exposed to for the first time. It is because of the pathways.

The human brain is neuroplastic and can easily create more neural pathways. Keep your brain up to date with new ideas through reading. Making it dormant with the same information does not make your memory any better.

5. Have enough sleep

Most people don’t take sleeping seriously enough. They tend to believe that working is much more important and therefore work at the expense of sleep. It is not always bad to be ambitious but remember to allocate time for sleep because it boosts the speed of learning and is the best memory enhancer.

The following are the ways in which you can have a healthy sleep:

– Sleep at the same time every day and try to get around eight hours.
– Avoid any light screens such as phones, computers and tablets just before sleep.
– Reduce the amount of caffeine intake.

 6. How to prevent memory loss through physical exercise

Exercise might be thought of as an activity for building strong bones and muscles and reducing the calories in the body. However, that is not a true assumption because it plays a major role in making the brain cells active which in turn maintain the memory status.

For a person who has a very tight schedule, sacrificing half an hour everyday for exercise can only be good.

Everyone in society likes success in business, education and social life. This, however, cannot be achieved without a smart brain which has better memory. Following the simple techniques mentioned above will not tax you. Your commitment is what matters. Let us all take responsibility and avoid complaining about memory loss!

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