Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Although sometimes you don’t even know what the negative thinking is that holds you back, keep you stuck in the same old patterns.

Albert Einstein that genius said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”


He was so right wasn’t he?

And yet you expect that if you just try harder the end result will be different this time.

Well let me explain.

Up until the age of 7, you take in all sorts of ‘stuff’ (that’s a technical word you understand!)   You get this ‘stuff’ from your parents, siblings, teachers, friends, your environment.

You’re like a little sponge and you have no developed ‘sieve’ mechanism to know what is truth and what’s fiction.

For instance, if you grew up in a family where money wasn’t in abundance, where both parents worked, and it was all ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, you will have grown up with that as the norm.

You will believe that, maybe consciously maybe subconsciously. And if you’ve been trying to earn a better income, and no matter how hard you try money just slips through your fingers, expenses come up when you least expect them, and there never seems to be enough, that’s your limiting belief coming up to sabotage you each and every time.

If however you grew up in a leafy suburb and you had everything your little heart desired, you’ll probably have no problem making an ever increasing income but if perhaps you were a sensitive child and saw others not so well off you might have a negative thought that says you don’t deserve if others can’t have as well and you might find that although it’s easy to make money it doesn’t seem to last very long around you.

Did you ever hear your parents say:

Money doesn’t grow on trees
Rich people are bad
Rich people are greedy
They must have done something illegal if they’ve got that much money
They’re lucky
We’re not lucky
You have to work hard to get anything in this life
You don’t get anything without working hard for it
Life isn’t fair
Life is tough

Those are just two scenarios. There are so many variations. Money is such a biggee in people’s lives.

There is so much negative thinking around money, and the only way to change that imprint is to get rid of those beliefs.

Because no matter what you might do, no matter how hard you might try to change it, if you don’t get rid of that negative thinking first, it’s like papering over the cracks, eventually the cracks will just reappear!

Ok so how about health?

What are your beliefs around weight, over weight, under weight, losing weight, dieting, eating healthily, being healthy? There are so many limiting beliefs which will undoubtedly lead to negative thoughts around health and weight.

Did your parents ever say:

Eat all your food because there are starving children in India
Let’s have take out tonight
No you can’t have another chocolate ice cream
If you’re good I’ll buy you some crisps, or some sweets or chocolate.
Don’t be such a pig, leave some for others
We’re meant to big – we’re big boned
Our family has always had good appetites
We like our food
Our family have always suffered from (put in whatever the particular ailment is).

So you go on a diet, lose a few pounds, get bored, then go out for a binge because after all you deserve it, you’ve had a hard week, or day, So then all the weight goes back on again and sometimes more. And what’s the point? All that starving yourself, all that eating stuff you hate, all that punishment for what?

What negative thoughts and limiting beliefs do you have around relationships?

Parents divorced.
Parents always arguing, fighting
Friends parents divorced
Your mother on her own, worked hard to give you the best of everything
Father never gave her money for you
Father a bully, always right
Mother ‘dutiful, always cooking, cleaning, nothing was ever good enough for her
You were a ‘latch key kid’

What you see when you’re growing up totally affects your adult life.

Unfortunately the majority of people grow up without ever realising they are repeating these patterns. Or sometimes they consciously make the decision to be totally different from whatever they saw when they were growing up.

And there really is only one ‘cure’ for this. Get rid of those limiting beliefs, change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

how to get rid of negative thoughts2

Everything comes down to one thing and that believing you are not worthy. You don’t deserve.

Not enough money? You don’t deserve to be wealthy.

Lousy relationships?; You don’t deserve love and friendship

Overweight? You don’t deserve to be slim and healthy.

Let me explain about your conscious and sub conscious:

Your conscious brain is the part that knows how do things automatically. It’s all the things you do ‘without thinking about it’. It’s those things like showering and brushing your teeth, driving the car, walking, talking, how to hold a knife and fork. Well you get the idea.

The sub conscious is a totally different kettle of fish.  The subconscious is where all that stuff hides. The sub conscious has no sense of humour which means what you tell it, it believes. What does that mean in reality?

It means that you might be striving to earn some extra money but the sub conscious has a belief that says you’re just like your dad you’ll never have any money. And you’ll try and try and guess what? No money.

Or you’re on yet another diet and you’re doing really well but the sub conscious hears ‘you’re fat just like your mother’. And there you go another diet that ‘didn’t work,

So how do you change it and get rid of those negative thoughts in order to change your life?

Well first you have to start changing your inner mind chatter.

When you worry you go over something hundreds and hundreds of times ‘sub consciously’. Its all there in your mind. So you need to be replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones.

Like I said before, all limiting beliefs come down to the ‘I’m not worthy’ I don’t deserve’.

So try this. Every morning when you wake up say ‘I love and appreciate myself, I love and approve of myself exactly as I am’.

Phew that’s pretty heavy stuff, right?

If you’ve never appreciated or approved of yourself you will find this extremely difficult to do. However if you start saying this like a mantra, saying it over and over and over again just as you would when you worry about something, it will change those beliefs.

Your sub conscious will start to ‘get it’. It will start to hear that you like yourself and it will start to deliver some pretty amazing results in your life.

There are many more tips and tricks to aid you but as a start saying “I love and approve of myself exactly as I am” is a great way.

Say it when you first wake up, say it in the shower, make a song of it, say it walking down the street, say it driving your car. When you’re saying it, your ‘mind simply cannot dwell on the negative. It’s a fact.

Give it a try. What have you got to lose – except of course all that negative thinking.

Good luck!

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