Did you know that you are born with only two fears? Fear of loud noises and fear of falling.

At birth your script is almost empty. So where have the other fears come from?

All the other fears you experience have been acquired throughout your life and will be the result of an experience you’ve had or a story you have been told. This builds a script of beliefs in your head that generates the thoughts that create paralysing emotions of fear.


Given the choice, would you consciously choose to feel fear about something? Or would you choose to feel excitement for success?

Of course we would choose to enjoy the feelings of success which are more likely to generate an outcome of success.

‘Put fear in you get fear our. Put success in you get success out’

Living in fear generates stress hormones that takes up energy and can make us ill. When your mind is focussed on fear and failure, you aren’t able to access the wonderful creative aspects of your brain where ideas and solutions come from.

When you free your mind from fear you feel this surge of energy where the stillness and harmony within allows the energy to be directed to making your dreams come true. It will literally free your mind to achieve goals and dreams you never dared to dream about.

Did you also know that a fear doesn’t exist until we think about it?

Think about that for a moment. If you aren’t thinking about the thing that you fear, how much fear are you feeling? Yes correct! None.

You might have heard the acronym FEAR:





Your powerful mind or script is programmed to keep you safe from this imagined outcome creating fear yet it is completely imagined and made up. So instead of safe, your script or mind keeps you stuck and exhausted.

how to free your mind_2

How to free your mind

Get out of your head and into your heart!

You can’t get rid of the script or the stories you have accumulated creating your fear. You are NOT your script. It has been handed to you and you can choose to ignore it. So how do you do this?

With consistent practice you can create and awareness and consciousness of your feelings. You can train yourself to recognise instead of analyse the feelings of fear. If you are not feeling good then you know that you are ‘in your script’.

Next time you feel fear, ask yourself: ‘Is this true, helpful or in anyway helping me achieve my dream?’

‘Does this feel good?’

‘How do I choose to feel at this moment?’

We have the gift of imagination and can create wonderful dreams and ideas in the same way we can generate fear and nightmares. If we don’t consciously choose then our scripts or minds will. You must learn to choose in order to free your mind from fear of failure.

‘Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fears’ ~ Richard Wilkins

Being at this level of consciousness enables you to practice choosing how you want to feel and generate the feelings of success to free your mind from failure. The best part is that it gets stronger with time.

As you start to approach life disowning the feelings of fear, you will start to overcome these fears with ease and go on to achieve amazing things.

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