“Uncover your hidden assets, you can fill each day with excitement and a sense of satisfaction” – Dale Carnegie .

Even if you love your work, you probably have days when almost nothing goes right. That happens to all of us from time to time. We all want to know how to make every day more exciting and rewarding . How to get more done, and have more fun doing it.

The vast majority of us have work we go to almost every day. When spend most of our lives there; in the office, behind the desk, working with many other people.


And when it comes to our colleagues,  we all are so different. We all have our ways of doing things and sometimes it can get misunderstood or not agree with  by others and this does not help a harmonious working environment.

How many people literally are dreading going to work and can’t wait for their day to finish?

But then morning comes and here we go again. Is that how we want to spend most of our life? Personally I want to enjoy every second of my life no matter what I do and where I am.

So what’s that special recipe to cooking your day the way you like it?

How to enjoy your life and love your job?

All you need is just few tasty ingredients: fun, novelty, pleasant environment, nice people around and everyone doing what they’re supposed to do. All of that sounds really good, but does it really happen in real life?

It does! And it all depends on us. It’s not what is happening to us or around us, it’s how we react to it.

So , let me ask you a question and I am going to be very nosy…

Do you like your job?

From doing my own research, not many people do. How can we change it ? Let’s take it step by step. No matter what you do for living, you can always find positive side of it and get closer to loving your job.

First: Your job pays your bills and gives you sense of stability . If what you are getting paid is enough for you, just appreciate it, be grateful for all the beautiful things you get buy etc.

Second: Find where you can grow and progress at your job. What truly makes us happy is daily improvements . Even if you are already at the highest position, do what you do even better with some novelties. As everything is always changing around us, so should we.

In my industry: health, fitness, beauty – there are always new things coming out on the market. I love to try them out (not all of them at the same time of course). Especially if you are dealing with clients, they feel that you always giving them more. And trust me, they will value it. And even if they don’t, you will grow as a person .

Now, let’s talk about your work colleagues . You don’t have to like them all, but you can make them feel appreciated. You can create an excitement about any task even if it is something very complex or boring on the first look. It takes one person to elevate the atmosphere, so be that person .

Enjoy your life by loving your job

Let’s take another example. Your boss doesn’t appreciate you, you’re underpaid, your company isn’t ideal…that can be OK, for now. They aren’t the key evaluators in your life. You are. Do your job well for YOU. Even if you don’t like your specific work, or the work environment you are in, you can love the way you do it.

Very often we stay at the job we really dislike is because We don’t know what we want. We are not aware of our hidden talents and what makes us truly happy.

I love how Jim Rohn said; “Work full time on your job and part time on your fortune – on yourself “. This way you can bring more value to the company and get paid so much more.

And even if your current boss doesn’t see it and is not willing to give you that well deserved promotion or bonus, trust me someone else will see your effort and reward you for that. So never give up on yourself and your progress . Love your job and love your life!

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