Yoga conversation with ex-military man to form new habits…

Dear Richard,

We all care in our own way, you may care for an animal or a plant or a place…it does not really matter what it is, it is all a form of caring.


What is important is that you do care!

And where you live makes no difference to this process of caring, for you can care in your chair at home, in the bath, in the garden or in the kitchen making the Sunday lunch – you just have to want to care!


So you can see that it is not a case of having to pack your bags and going to Lourdes with me, but it will get you out of the house, and will bring a different outlook back into your life again.

Lourdes is a very special place and many great healings are reported to have taken place there, and I believe there is little doubt that those with a strong faith who make that journey do achieve remarkable recoveries and/or clarity of thought.

The work you have to do today then is, care for yourself!

I am laughing with you now and you cannot get angry or upset…in fact you can’t help but smile back at me!

Start smiling now and you will then start to laugh, even if it is a forced smile and forced laughter initially!

how to deal with social isolation_2Creating good habits

For we are now creating a habit – just like you seem to have created the habit of getting upset when you see people laughing. And as with all habits, you can create happy or sad ones.

There are good and bad habits and we are in charge of which ones we adopt and allow to dominate.

So what I describe above is clearly a happy habit that will change your life for the better my friend.

And just like all military training, it takes practice to master something and a little time before you will feel the benefit of this exercise.

Laugh it off

I too did not like people laughing at me and I would walk away from them to be alone. But then I found that when I watched them laughing at me, they were not laughing at me, but with me!

They were reminding me to laugh!

We are all good friends, and we just need some help sometimes to understand why people do the things that they do.

Please see me laughing with you…and you will experience a great calm and Peace that will clear any fear, negative energies that have been with you for too long now.

The action of laughing causes the internal organs to get a massage and feel better, and when they feel better, they work better and so make you feel better!

Key to staying positive

Do this exercise in your chair…this is an order!

Watch funny movies (which is good advice in any context!) and force yourself to laugh.

A good laugh is a habit worth repeating daily and I prescribe it for you at least three times each and every day!

Peace be with you my friend…I am smiling at you now!

You are very welcome to contact me every day to boost your morale and to get you smiling.

With the kindest of regards,
Yogi Sally

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