External happiness versus internal peace. It is a fine balance and one so many of us seek, but perhaps too many of us fall short.

As long as we rely on external resources for our happiness, we also allow unhappiness to enter our existence by factors beyond our control. This is for the simple reason that we will never have total control over the circumstances or the people in our life.

As real as this external ‘happiness’ feels and as uplifting and joy bringing as it can be, it is also illusive and transient and relying on this feeling is an unstable state of mind.

If we all agree that happiness and unhappiness are states of mind, why do we continue to search for our happiness or try to eliminate unhappiness outside the mind?

A healthy and peaceful mind is able to filter through any circumstance, navigate the variables of life and still arrive at a positive equilibrium of joy and happiness. A stressed and anxious mind on the other hand, is unable to feel joy even in the greatest circumstances.

This can only mean one thing! It is our response to any given situation that creates joy or sorrow in our mind and not the situation itself.

When we learn to shift our focus into the mind and start working from within rather than looking outside, then we are able to let true happiness really flourish.

Unless you were born a yogi, naturally and constantly in a relaxed and meditative state of mind and fully immune to any external influence, then meditation is probably one of the best ways to tap into your own resource for happiness.

Can anyone mediate?

Despite the stereotyped perception of meditation, it is not necessary to take a year off to travel to Nepal, sit in an uncomfortable pose for hours and hours to find, listen to a gamelan and discover your Third Eye to experience peace and happiness.

You can mediate anywhere and for any purpose. The idea is to learn to focus your attention. You simply do this because by focusing your attention on whatever works for you, you are letting go of everything that serves you no purpose.

Different things, environments, smells or sensations all work differently for each and every one of us. I therefore encourage you to find what works for you by being open and by trying new things and ideas. Unless you are seriously risking your health and your life, no person, place or experience is too risky if it has the potential to open your mind to a new awareness.

How you can be happier by simply being more open

When we feel really uncomfortable trying something new, it is usually a very good indication that we probably need it more than we realise!

For this we must let go of any existing perception and opinion and accept that it may simply be the lack of awareness that is limiting us from acknowledging the potential benefit of this new experience.

Letting go of existing programming allows us to really tune in and to experience things on a whole new level. Not everything will work for you but I can assure you, you will have a much more fulfilling life when taking more risks and you will have a much better idea of what works for you…or doesn’t. And that is valuable too!

How to tune into the nature for happiness

I love nature because I am most centred when I am in nature. I feel that my senses are so much stronger but at the same time, I find it a lot easier to shut down on any chaos that is limiting my mind.

The experience is very hard to describe in words but it is truly sensational. I hear the singing birds as if they were whispering directly into my ears, I hear each and every sound distinctly and clearly and while they each have different resonances, they all speak the same language. The language of love.

I smell the flowers, the plants, the wet grass, the earth and feel that the scents are entering my body and clearing out any negativity or trapped energy. Almost like cleansing your inner self with a nice scented natural and organic soap.

I see the reflection of light that is presented through nature in so many beautiful colours. Every tree or flower has million shades of the same colour. Each with a different texture. It is endless…

I feel the slightest moisture in the air on my skin and feel that it is cleansing and opening my pores and allows for for more oxygen to enter my body and for more light to enter my soul. I feel the beautiful light of the sun as a warm and positive energy that flows right through my veins and expands throughout my whole body.

In this state I feel I could lit even the darkest room with the light that glows right through me.

I tune into nature for light, energy and peace and do not necessary sit in a specific pose to tune in. I am simply focused, focused on the endless beauty and the love that nature is offering. The most precious things in life are free… and this certainly is one of those for me!

Find yours and you will feel love like never before!

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