In today’s society there are so many unwavering situations, obstacles, heartaches, divorces, deaths, failed relationships, broken homes, homelessness, loss of jobs, custody battles and unforeseen pain and hurdles that we don’t prepare for mentally or spiritually.

The combination of rejections, negativity, toxic people and scenarios that are most definitely unexpected ultimately end up changing our personalities, characteristics, moods and attitudes for many different reasons.

How do we choose to be happy and not stuck in the unhappy phase of our lives?


Below I have described powerful yet effective ways to combat negative moods and remain happy through all of life’s tough encounters. You will learn to react differently, choose your happiness, forgive yourself and others and also put yourself first by loving you and selecting to cheer yourself up. If you are not healthy and happy then you cannot possibly make anyone else feel that way.

Be inspired and take action today to begin living the life you have always imagined.

1. Eliminate Toxic People
Have you ever noticed how some people just zap your energy or constantly make you feel less. They spew all of their negativity into your once happy life. When these sort of karmic occurrences become a habit, we ultimately feel horrible about ourselves, we attract the wrong people into our life and we even experience health problems and unnecessary added stress that causes us to feel anxious, not in control and down right awful some days.

What can we do about it?

If the toxic people are your family members, I suggest loving them from afar. No one ever said you have to converse with people who constantly bring you down and don’t support you or your journey. There is no doubt that you will end up being toxic if you hang out with toxic people. We become like the few individuals we surround ourselves with.

The Law of Attraction plays a role in who we choose to be because people greatly influence our lives and decision-making skills. By eliminating others that are toxic, allows growth for those that are not. Your mind will be more at ease, your overall health and wellness become more stabilized and you start to feel happier because the people who were bringing you down are gone from your life.

2. Forgive Others and Choose Happiness
Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself. We don’t forgive others in hopes that it makes them feel better. We always forgive so we can move on with our lives and won’t be toxic towards others because we don’t carry unresolved emotional issues with us.

In the forgiveness process, we learn to get rid of feelings and emotions that weigh us down and tarnish our auroras. When we walk around full of grey matter then we will attract that into our life.

I also want to encourage you to remember that choosing to be happy is a choice we make, no matter what our situations look or feel like. We can learn to condition ourselves to “fake it until we make it”. We are not living a façade, but actually changing our mindset and brain chemistry to believe that we really are happy, even when we experience feelings of anger, sadness or frustration.

how to be a happier person_2

We can turn our frowns upside down and literally change our whole day just by choosing not to allow anyone or anything to cloud our minds with negativity.

When you wake up every day, choose to create – what I call “mindful manifestations” and what you think about on a daily basis will eventually become your reality. We really do create self-fulfilling prophecies, so be careful what you feed your mind because it is listening and writing the code of what you will live.

3. Learning To Love Yourself
Loving yourself is also a huge gift to you as well as the other people in your life and those that you serve around the world (like I do). I recommend taking time out of your day to nourish your soul and feed it clean healthy food. I also recommend plenty of rest and stay hydrated for optimal vibrancy.

When you listen to music that is soothing and exercise – your body responds accordingly. Remember to journal any unresolved feelings and take an inventory each evening to see what areas you need to improve on. Surround yourself with healthy, happy, empowering individuals who will love you unconditionally. Choose a career that makes you happy and doesn’t drain you. Keep in regular contact with people you call friends.

Eliminate excess alcohol and tobacco use as those things add unnecessary carcinogens to your body. Eliminate as many environmental toxins as possible by purchasing all natural products.

I also encourage a close relationship with your higher power and a spiritual connection. The combination of all of these suggestions will help you to really take care of yourself and exercise self-care. When you take care of you then you will be healthy to take care of others.

Often we seem to rush through life, never stopping to smell the flowers. I can tell you that it would really benefit you to take time to do these little things that don’t take much time at all and you will reap immense benefits because of doing so. Join my public figure page Kelly Benamati – Holistic Health & Life Coaching to learn how to live the best life, toxic free.

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