Dangers of distraction

– Distraction is one of the worst enemies of humanity. On first thought it might not seem like the most dangerous of things, but if you ponder just a little longer you will realise it is the on-going cause of so many deaths.

– Distraction causes accidents while driving, during surgery, at work, while swimming, etc.  Honestly, I think most accidents are due to distraction.


– Distraction is not only applicable to the physical human life.  Distraction also causes other types of death. It can kill your dreams!

– Distraction can easily pull you away from your fitness and weight loss program.

– Distraction can manipulate you, draw you in and use you.

– Distraction has ruined many people’s lives. You can be distracted all your life watching other people achieve their dreams while you continue wasting your time and failing to concentrate what what YOU really want and need.

Look around you.

You will see a mixture of those who are being distracted and also find some people staying focused.

Can you see the difference?

Why do people who are focused achieve their goals? Do you see any distracted people achieving their goals?

Distractions come in all types and forms – alcohol, drugs, parties, television, video games, apps, material things, myths and so on.

Distractions are bad habits. Distractions are just waiting for you to take the wrong turn.

Distraction can easily enter your life. It can enter a people’s lives when they feel depressed, desperate, bored or lost or when they want attention.

These momentary feelings allow people to be weak

When people are weak they like to choose easy ways out.. however, when you understand that your feelings are momentary and are a creation of your thoughts, distraction is only  a choice.

You also have the capacity to defeat distraction, all you need to do is be committed to your goal.  Make sure that you know what you want and don’t doubt even a little bit that you can get it.

If weight loss is your goal, get into it and stay focused

how to avoid distractions_2How to avoid distractions? Planning your day, stopping the negativity, stopping the excuses, finding information and resources and being patient are some behaviors you can use to stay focused.

Many of us want an easy life and want the best

But the best and easy don’t get along!

They don’t match. They are opposite poles. The only way to be the best and to get the best is by paying the price, and the price is not necessarily easy.

You can defeat distraction by understanding that part of your life is going to be given to the dream you have. And the dream you have and distractions around it will never get along.

There is no way out. Easy is not part of your dream. When you stay focused, then you will see the results you always wanted.

I really don’t want people living their lives wanting. I want people to get up and do what it takes to get to their dreams.

Many people die wanting, and their dreams go straight to the grave with them; they never enjoy the pleasure of achieving their dream, never have the opportunity to wear the dress in their closet, to play with their kids, to hike the fourteener, to play hockey in winter or any other dream.

Are you going to let distraction kill your dreams?

What are you going to do today to make your dream come true? Do you think it is too late for you?

I encourage you to think about these questions and be honest when you answer them. You can make a change in your life today and make a change in other people’s lives, including your family.

Challenge distraction and take control of it.

You have the choice in the end. You are the architect of your life.  Every single decision makes your life better or worse.  Get distractions out of your life and start living your dream!

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