I know sometimes it is easier to let destiny choose for us than it is to make our own decisions.

We are afraid of commitment or making the wrong decision. Therefore, it is easier to let destiny bring whatever it may, than it is to work for what we want.

Plan vs Destiny


Not long ago I assessed one of my clients and she did not get the results we had expected. We were talking about her life and she said that she likes to leave everything to destiny. It was easy to conclude why she did not achieve her goal. It is not that we did not make a perfect plan. It was that she did not follow it and decided that destiny knew better.

Therefore, because she did not follow the plan, destiny gave her undesirable results.

It is very simple, if I’m looking for a girlfriend and I make a decision without any requirements, and choose randomly out of 1000 women, the percentage of me getting what I don’t want is high. However, if I decide to make a list of what I want in her and meticulously choose, I’m getting what I want – not what “destiny” chose for me.

Also, if I decide to go rafting in the river and take any path of the river without doing any research, I may end up in a lake or a ghost town or headed towards a waterfall. But if I decide to check a map and plan my trip accordingly, I will know which path I should take, and I will end up at my desired destination.

The author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari explains it better;

“Master, you never miss any of your shots since I know you,” the disciple says.

The master replies, “We are going to try something different today.”

As the master speaks, he bends over, pulls a beautiful rose from the garden where they were and he somehow manages to put it in the center of an oak tree where he always practices his shots.

“Have you ever seen me miss?,” the Master asks to the disciple.

“Not once,” the disciple answers with excitement in his face.

“However, I told you that today we are going to try something different. Please, take this white handkerchief and cover my eyes with it.”

The disciple followed the orders anxiously. Then he stepped back from his master.

With his eyes covered, the master asks the disciple, “How far from the rose am I?”

“I’ll say one hundred feet,” the disciple replies.

Hitting your Goal_2The disciple thought about the times when his Master practiced shooting and remembers that his master usually shoots from more than 300ft without missing an inch from his target. Nevertheless, the disciple thinks that this is an exception because of his disability. Nonetheless, he has trust in his Master. If there could be someone to bet, he would have bet that his Master will hit the rose.

With his feet grown onto the earth, eyes covered and aiming at the rose, the Master drew his bow with all his energy and released the arrow. The arrow passed the oak tree without the danger of even touching the rose.

Then the disciple, disappointedly says, “You were my hero. I could have bet my life. What happened?”

Then the master answers, “This is going to be one of the lessons that you need to ingrain into your head. You need to set clear objectives and know precisely where you are going. If you don’t know where you are going, you will never hit the target. You will never be able to hit a target that you can’t see.”

It is very important to write down clear goals. Take ten minutes every week to write down your goals and understand them. Your brain will unconsciously filter unimportant information and will catch all the important information to help you achieve your goals…

But wait, it is not everything to write down your goals and plan…

You must read them every day and make sure you continue to work towards them.

Leaving your life to destiny will never give you the best and you will always wonder why you never had the fulfilling life you always dreamed of.

Committed to your happiness and well-being,

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