Life throws us many curve balls and sometimes we take a lot of hits that keep us down for a while. During our times of continuous hits and bouts of sadness, these negative emotions can lead to what experts call depression.

Men and women deal with depression in many different ways and it is best if we have someone to vent to and lean on for support.

What can you do to help someone deal with depression and help them to begin to feel normal again?

Depression is defined as bouts of sadness and is classified as a mood disorder marked by sadness, feelings of hopelessness, dejection, sometimes a loss of appetite and lacking mental clarity and focus and often times losing the desire to do the things we once loved to do and enjoy.

If we deal with our depressive states in a healthy way we can usually start to feel better quickly. As a friend there are things we can do to help those we know who are depressed.

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Helping someone with depression

Some easy ways are being positively encouraging to others who seek help or tell us why they are feeling depressed. We can be good listeners, invite a depressed friend to exercise (a great way to increase our moods and boost endorphin levels), teach or remind them to take proper supplements to increase energy and mental focus, eat healthy and devise a good eating plan to stabilize glycemic levels and maintain a healthy weight.

We can come up with healthy ways to get up and start meeting people who are positive for our minds and journey as well as implementing new routines that actually change brain chemistry and cell formations for better results to our moods.

Everyone who deals with depression does so in his or her own way and their needs are different.

Some people like to cope alone or just talk on the phone to deal with their depressive states and others like to be more social to lift their moods and feelgood receptors by leaving the place that might increase sadness.

I believe one of the best ways you can help a friend through their depression is to pray together and for your friend.

Having a spiritual connection seems to have much power in the healing process as well as positive affirmations written and spoken!

helping someone with depression_2Watching and listening to inspiring music and movies can alter our moods as well. It is always nice just to have someone show you some affection and hugging usually instantly lifts our moods.

You can have a significant impact on friends or loved ones mood if you take the time and put forth the effort to care.

Everyone needs someone they can count on to be there for them when they need it most.

Don’t be afraid to ask when you are in need of some assistance or a kind word or gesture to increase someone’s mood. Learn to allow others to help you and be the friend a friend needs and wants.

Always be yourself and trust the help of loved ones near and far to love you back to your normal state of being with a little help and guidance.

Small steps in the right direction always seem to create magnificent differences, almost immediately!

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