As I sat down to write this article, I realised what I have taken upon myself. Probably the most sensitive subject – relationships. Especially for a married couple!

Any relationship demands lots of work, attention and sometime sacrifice . But when you get married…that’s it! No, I don’t mean your life is finished – like many people might joke . Actually your real life just begins. Now there’s two of you in the same house and both of you are so very different in every aspect of your life.

Of course you do have some things and interests in common, but each of you is very unique , independent and free. You have your own way of doing things , you have your own “rules and regulations ” in your life. And that’s what is so beautiful about you!


So how do we live together happily ever after but remain that unique individual that has their way?

Very often when two beautiful souls get together in marriage, they think, ” That’s it! He/She is mine now and it’s time to change them”. Please don’t!

You gave promises to that person who is standing right in front of you, perfect as they are. Life is a constant movement, and believe me both of you will be changing every single day, whether you want it or not. And the power is in your hands!

Which direction this change will go – forwards or backwards, it’s up to you. If you constantly improve yourself, your skills , your knowledge your appearance etc, you will always be interesting to your partner .

What is perfect marriage?

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In my opinion, it’s when two people are together and at the same time constantly developing as an individual. We are here to be happy and we can make ourselves and each other happier in marriage.

Let’s go a little bit deeper . Gentlemen, I would like to ask you a very important question. Why did you marry this gorgeous, amazing, clever lady that you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Most common answer is – ” I want to make her happy”. So let’s talk about that. Think of the day when you come home from work, open the door and you see your wife . She is smiling at you, hugs you and gives you that cheeky kiss on the lips. And all the stress is gone, melted away.

Now imagine this. You come home after the long day, open the door and first thing you hear : “What took you so long?” Hmm, more stress! Thank you very much.

As a woman, I want to tell you that the only reason and time when your wife is behaving like that is when she feels unhappy, unloved , unsatisfied. And you gentlemen, play a big part in that!

Things change

You might say ,”But she wasn’t like that when we just got married “. Of course not! Otherwise you wouldn’t marry in first place! But are you behaving the same way you were before the marriage? Do you give your lady same amount and quality of time, attention, love and compliments? I thought not.

If you want your relationship to be as it was before, you have to put as much energy and time as you used to. Same as anything else in your life, if you want any area to improve / change, you have to put in enough time and energy. And my dear ladies, it goes both ways!

Even from the time of the cavemen, women were in charge of the fire and comfort of home

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Many things have changed since then, but this rule still applies. I’m not talking about household things you expect women to do. Not at all! Women have this incredible energy, power and vibe inside that fills your home. Everything is interconnected. You fill your lady with love, attention and whatever she needs to be happy and in return you will receive so much more.

Believe it or not, success of the men depends 80% on women. When your Queen is happy, you become a King and perform like one. But please don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Pay attention! When your women is happy, your health is better, your business grows faster and any challenge seems much smaller and easier to deal with.

So, my dear gentlemen, do yourself a favour – keep us happy! We don’t ask for much. Just a few diamonds, couple of cars, a holiday home… just kidding! Give us love, cover us with kisses, present to us your full attention and your life will never be the same again.

Don’t get me wrong, we want all of the above mentioned things as well but they are not what makes us truly happy.

Wishing you all the love of happy relationships.

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