In the UK it is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and we have been talking to some of our superb WatchFit Expert Contributors about this huge issue.

To many people an eating disorder is something they associate with figure and image fixated adolescent girls and a troublesome ‘growing up phase’ some of them have to go through.

But this just isn’t accurate or representative of the realities of eating disorders, the people they afflict and the numerous ways in which they manifest themselves.


Men, women, boys, girls, young, old, affluent, the less well off… It really does not discriminate.

Fitness and health professionals are certainly not exempt

Husband and wife team Laura and Barry Ash run their Rock Solid Training business and achieve superb results with their clients. They also look like the very images of health, fitness and athleticism themselves.

However, whilst training for a bodybuilding competition in 2014, Barry had experienced a significant eating disorder situation that even wife Laura was unaware of until recent weeks.

Exclusive look into a fitness professional’s eating disorder

To tie in with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Laura and Barry have filmed a conversation about this exclusively for WatchFit. It is truly fascinating, totally honest and revealing and hugely valuable in terms if information and insight.

Here is Laura Ash talking to husband Barry about the spiralling eating disorder situation he found himself in two years ago…

Laura and Barry Ash have written a number of articles which can be found here and have a workout plan in the app. Find out more about them and Body Solid on their profile page.

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