And so this is Christmas…and what have you done?

It can be a really tricky time for all of you out there who spent the rest of the year trying to lose weight and keep fit.

Christmas brings time out of the gym for many of us and, as well as depriving us of our gym time, it insists that the free time we do have, is spent going out for lunch with co-workers, drinks with friends and parties with the people we could be at the gym with.


It’s a calorie nightmare, and heaven forbid you try and decline the social side of the holiday.

“Scrooge” and “Bah Humbugs” galore will be thrown in your general direction. Now fortunately, we are in a far better position than we used to be.

Thanks to sites such as ‘WatchFit‘ we can research at home and continue our healthy lifestyles without the aid of our gym instructor or personal trainer.

However, when we decide to ditch a party and workout instead, there’s a small voice at the back of our minds saying: “Are you mad? It’s Christmas! Get out and enjoy yourself!” 

It’s in times like these, that we may need a little self-motivation to help us stay on the right path. One way of doing this is through positive affirmations.

Help the clients!

When we launch our new clients on the road to fitness, we often provide them with quotes and sayings that we mail to them every week.

The idea is that the client writes them on a post-it note, or types it on their laptop home screen, or puts in their phone, so they can look at it for a boost when they are feeling low.

Stay motivated through the festive season

With many of you probably feeling the same way over the festive season, here are our top three sayings, and the reasoning behind them, that you might want to keep hold of and use whenever you feel pressured about your keep fit lifestyle:

1. The difference between ‘what you want and what you need’ is self-control

fitness motivational quotes_2With so much temptation on offer, it can often be helpful to stop and ask ourselves, “Do I really need this?”

9 times out of 10 the answer will be “No.”

The act of asking ourselves this question can be enough to snap us back to reality and realize that another Ferrero Roche is just greed.

2. You will never find the time to do what you want. If you want time, you must make it

There are 100 things to do over the holidays, time is always a problem.

There’s shopping and cooking and social events, so where do we find the time for ourselves? Easy, we make it!

If you really want to do a HIIT workout on Christmas Eve, take 10 minutes out and just do it.

Nobody will stop you, and so what if you are 10 minutes late? Make time for yourself.

3. If you are fed up of always having to start again, try never giving up

With Christmas, we face probably the biggest “excuse” to give up what we are doing fitness-wise, in the whole calendar year. It is so easy to think we can just have two weeks off and get back on it in January.

However, taking that break will only make it more difficult to get going again in the new year.

You don’t have to keep up your entire program, but by just getting one or two workouts in and keeping one eye on the ball, you can survive the holidays.

If you need more motivation, trust me, the internet is brimming over with them – but I hope that these quotes and the logic behind them will help you stay on track.

Enjoy yourself and embrace the season, but stay true to yourself and stay strong. Long after the tinsel has faded, you want to feel that you didn’t let yourself down.

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